Amazon has price lowered for PS Vita!

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User Info: rawrLIKEaB05S__

4 years ago#1
$230 WiFi
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User Info: Fallen_Lord

4 years ago#2
Umm that is not really a price drop. Target was selling the Lego Batman bundle for $200 recently.

User Info: Rotuhiiri

4 years ago#3
Target has the LEGO Batman 2 bundle for $199 so that's $30 less and a free game.
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User Info: LitCandlez

4 years ago#4
Someone seems a little too excited over $20.
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User Info: Mikeugame

4 years ago#5
I just want 16gb memory card to go down to $35-$40 so I'll have enough $ to get it with stupid shipping cost, and easily raise back up to $40 for DW7E
I'm just saying

User Info: archedsoul

4 years ago#6
No, they haven't.
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