These are the vita games people want

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User Info: poporulez

4 years ago#61
you can stay here for 4$ per month IF i get 90% reduced price on products.
PSN Tag: soulofrebirth
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User Info: Compass

4 years ago#62
I can tell he's butthurt as usual (because it's Spirit), but I can't even tell why this time. Something about poor Vita being unfairly persecuted or some such system warz profundity? Lord.

Anyway, I'll have a pair of Chocobo boneless wings and some pop-rock ice cream pls.

User Info: Kane90987

4 years ago#63
DalekZero posted...
MobileWarfare posted...
DalekZero posted...
Be careful guys! It might rain! *sets up umbrella/raincoat stand*

I'll take an umbrella,I have a bad feeling about tonight...
I sense a storm brewing in the distance!

Is winter coming? Should we brace ourselves?

Well fear not! My stand also sells winter coats and gloves! And we have a catchier song then Junes! "Buy our s*** or get hypothermia"

That had me LOLing for a while. XD

And, keeping up with the topic of the thread...

**Sets up free "medical" marijuana stand**

It has to be free, I can't keep track when I'm partaking of the usage of the inventory myself. But, think about the food stand, they're about to get alot of people soon. :D

User Info: KirbyIsAwesome

4 years ago#64
*sets up poutine stand*
"3DS is simply incapable of making games as good as vita games"
- DemonDog666

User Info: StrikeNinja24

4 years ago#65
*sets up bathrooms*

What? We might be here a while.
Xbox & PS3 gametag = StrikeNinja24
And if Strike didn't stroke his own peen, then nobody would. - Super-Pangolin

User Info: samuellee60

4 years ago#66
*sets up Biggest Loser stall with free t shirts, flyers, pamphlets and personal support staff on how to lose weight after all your over indulging on sushi flavored ice cream, bud light, and lays.*

Did I do it right?
"Why you care about small things? World very simple place. World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you no can eat." - Quina

User Info: VerityBugg

4 years ago#67
*Sets up a candy stand*

You can't have a good show without candy...

User Info: DalekZero

4 years ago#68
Can we officially call this the carnival stand march to 500?
always assume everybody on the Internet is either a 12 year old, or a creeper in his mid 40's. The Internet makes more sense that way.

User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#69
DemonDog666 posted...
-A game in an existing popular series
-An exclusive
-Better in every way to the ps3/360 counterpart
-A game that sells 5 million or more

Yep, that's what they want. People aren't very good at thinking.

Nah, I just want a wide selection of good games. Sadly, I have no faith in this coming gen (which I lump the VITA & 3DS into).

User Info: EvilSock1990

4 years ago#70
*runs through party naked*
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