Regional PSN stores and/or sales?

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User Info: Master_Terry

4 years ago#1
Long story short:

I recently bought a Vita, went to the PSN store before making a PSN account and found Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for ~10 bucks as part of the 'PSP essentials' offer. Note that I live in germany and stores also sell the UMD for PSP for the same amount.

I was told that I need a PSN account to download from the store. Makes sense, so I decided to create one, however I chose USA as the location of this account.

When I went to the PSN store I saw MHFU for 20 bucks instead of 10. Bummer.

When I tried to change PSN account like it used to be possible on the PS3, the Vita wouldn't let me.

Over the internet I have gathered that I need different memory cards if I want to have multiple PSN accounts.

So, here are my questions~

1) Is the PSN download list, in particular the one of PSP games being downloaded to Vita, truely limited regionally like I experienced or am I simply missing something? (also referring to price differences here)

2) If I get, lets say 3 different memory cards, sign up a japanese, a german and an US-PSN account, will I have access to 3 different stores?

3) I've been looking for, preferably simple list of PS titles that are up in the store for download on a Vita, but all I came across was this:

Is there more reasonable list (like not with all games being cluttered across 12 pages and with pics for each game, but rather just less pages and only the name of the games and the price, and maybe release date etc)? If so, does anyone have a link to a list of that kind, preferably, again for german, US and japanese stores in case they have different games and prices?

Thanks in advance for answering.

User Info: Master_Terry

4 years ago#2

User Info: Nerdstick

4 years ago#3
You can access a different account and store with each card, but bear in mind it also involves resetting the vita each time, it's a bit of a process. You need to turn sync trophies, it off, pull out memory card, turn it on, reset vita, put in memory card, re-add wifi settings, re-add account settings, reset during intro. And even when you're in, everything else gets reset. Trophy list will be empty until you re-run any particular game (and re-sync), Tips will pop up 6-7 times each boot which is infuriating, system music/menu controls will need to be disabled/enabled and so on.

Whether it's worth the effort is up to you.

User Info: Master_Terry

4 years ago#4
Thanks for the reply. That should cover most of the questions.

Trophies are a non-issue for me. If I could, I'd rather disable them forever than to have them around at all. They annoy me much more than I like them.
Turning the vita on and off is also not a big deal, and so are the wifi settings. I either do not change the game I play in a while, or when I change, I usually play offline anyway, so I won't need to adjust the settings too much. I just want the option to have access to more games than with just 1 memory stick.
The only real nuisance will be these vita tips that already bothered me the first time, but I guess that is worth it.

What I wonder about is how it will affect the download list though. If I download a game once, will I be able to download it again at a later point after resetting my system without paying again? (assuming different stick but same PSN for example)

Okay, so the question about links to the different stores still stands. Does anyone have a link to particularly the japanese PSN store - PSP games on Vita download games section?

User Info: Master_Terry

4 years ago#5
Bump. Still hoping for a link to what PSP games are offered for download to the vita from the japanese store.

User Info: miyuki308

4 years ago#6
This is the best I can give you.

Also note that in order to buy from the JP PSN, you pretty much need to get the prepaid codes. (No, it won't take your credit card.)
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User Info: Nerdstick

4 years ago#7
The Hong Kong store offers a lot of the same content as the Japanese store, but it's in English, offers English games ocassionally (Samurai & Dragons English being an exclusive to it) and cheaper prices/codes.

User Info: Master_Terry

4 years ago#8
Awesome. Thanks guys.

I always buy the prepaid cards anyway because it's saver, so thats not an issue.

Hope I can buy games from the US store with prepaid € cash though.

User Info: thedicemaster

4 years ago#9
pre paid psn cards, and dlc/game vouchers are all locked to their region.
this means you need to import a US psn cards to buy games from the US store. (there are some sites with email delivery for these codes, so you get them instantly after buying them)
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