Vita has no system sellers at alll

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User Info: nariusseldon

4 years ago#71
leonodo posted...
It has the tales of games

And how many system did it sell?

User Info: mike_411

4 years ago#72
stargazer64 posted...
Quick, everyone list the one game that convinced you to buy a Vita. That way the trip to 500 will go faster.


Superfrog HD.
Hardcore Naoto fan.
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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

4 years ago#73
Playing MGS2 and 3 on a portable is a system seller for me...just not for that price.
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User Info: L0L_FAQ

4 years ago#74
From: inuyasha1031 | #060
ITT: OP who just passed his first Logic midterm and is trying to sound classy as a way to mask his troll attempt . Move along folks.

Anyone who wastes money on a Logic course needs to be beaten with a paddle. No, you just need to make wild accusations because you have no actual response to the topic at hand.

From: cheezedadada | #061
That fanboy thing doesnt have anything to do with what we are talking about though. My original comment was to that other guy who stated "This board is only for delusional fan boys who are afraid of the obvious".... I even quoted him, but you might have thought it was for you. it wasnt though.

Just so we are clear, I am saying I have those other platforms to show that I am not sitting here with JUST a vita and being delusional in order to satisfy myself even though the handheld doesnt have many games. This has nothing to do with credibility or opinions or anything all.

You can own other platforms and still be a delusional fanboy. That's the point. I'm not calling you one, it's just not a correct conclusion to draw.

From: GenocideHeart | #062
Just because he owns every system doesn't mean he has a fat wallet.

I never said anything of the sort. I'm just saying that anybody with enough money can "buy" immunity from the label of "fanboy" under this logic.

From: RyuuHou25 | #063
Yeah, except I have my Vita, I bought it yesterday, I bought it for P4G which I'm currently awaiting in the mail since I got the Premium Edition off Ebay.

So the fact that someone, anyone, buys it for one game, that's a system seller :O

So, yet again, you're just stating your opinion as fact, which it isn't.

Pray tell, where did I state my opinion as fact? And why did you respond to me discrediting the validity of your personal experience as proof with even more anecdotal evidence? Did you not actually read the post?

From: Sailor Goon | #068
The TC has been trolling this board for a long time

Oh the irony. Sailor Goon calling someone else a troll. Up next, pigs fly!
"L0L_FAQ is one of the reasons I even read the forums any more" - CJayC

User Info: SkyD1ddY

4 years ago#75
Sailor Goon posted...
elluink posted...
Okay so you are a Nintendo fanboy who got bored of the trolls on Wii U forum and decided to take a dump on Vita forum. Nice.

The TC has been trolling this board for a long time

A troll, calling a troll a troll?! Trollception?! Goony boy you need to stop with the irony posts.
"It's always a gimmick until sony uses it" squatch22

User Info: StrikeNinja24

4 years ago#76
nariusseldon posted...
leonodo posted...
It has the tales of games

And how many system did it sell?

For a Tales game in Japan? Awful.
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User Info: NoelXYeul

4 years ago#77
I bought a Vita for the first weeks it was released, sold it. Then Persona 4: Golden came out and caved in and bought another one and I will not be selling this one. So that's two systems they sold because of me and Persona 4...
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User Info: furrybeavers

4 years ago#78
GenocideHeart posted...
Oh good, it's THIS topic again. -_-

There's one thing I do wonder. Why do the haters even bother posting on a board? If they dislike Vita so much, wouldn't it make more sense to, you know... go to a board about something they actually LIKE? Like, I don't know, Hannah Montana or some such? -_-

This post wins the internet for me. Like for all time. I will never understand the point of trolling, no matter how many times I see it.
Currently playing: Ni No Kuni, PSP games (not Persona; I refuse), Dust 514, watching The Shield; among other things
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User Info: SkinnyMRH

4 years ago#79
I got the AC3 bundle, that's the only reason why I got it. Then I used it and realized it is an amazing machine and it needs more attention from devs.
Matt Lauer Can Suck It

User Info: zeplin1180

4 years ago#80
for me, its library is a "system seller"... as is the case with literally every system i've bought and will buy in the future. i simply don't buy a system for just one game, nor does the majority either.

there's a reason why i have more Vita games than i do 3DS games... and the same was true with the PSP vs DS. and that's saying something because of how much longer the 3DS has been on the market. it really is quite the accomplishment.

everyone is already aware, the Vita will never surpass the 3DS in sales, that much is obvious (so lets stop with all of the redundant topics). but here's the thing, the Vita doesn't HAVE TO surpass the 3DS in sales in order for it to be a success. someone earlier i think said that the despite the PSP selling millions and millions of systems worldwide, it still wasn't a success because it didn't beat the DS in sales... which is simply ludicrous!!! if selling 75+million units worldwide isn't a success, i honestly don't know what is?? seriously someone tell me!

with that said, if the Vita continues producing a quality library (and they do a better job advertising), which will no doubt increase in frequency as more people buy the system over time (its only been 1 yr), the Vita will experience the same (maybe not number-wise) type of success that the PSP did. i know most do not believe this, but mark my words it's going to happen.
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