Will there be a DBZ game for Vita?

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User Info: mangasus90

4 years ago#11
Dragonball or Naruto, either is fine for me, both would be great =).

User Info: ikaruga0101

4 years ago#12
I just hope it's RPG style. The Vita already has way too many fighting games.

User Info: hikarux3

4 years ago#13
Project Versus J Search it up

User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#14
alexg1989 posted...
stargazer64 posted...
Remember DragonBall: Advanced Adventure for the GBA? That game was hot ****

Now THAT game was great.

Ultimate Butouden on the DS was arguably the best DBZ fighting game since T3... too bad it never got localized. A sequel on the Vita would be nice... keep the core mechanics, tidy them up a bit, make the graphics RB grade or near and we've got ourselves the best damn DBZ game ever made... probably...

Yeah that game was a lot of fun

DBZ:T2 was my all Ike favorite of the series...I'd like to see the game mechanics from that return
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  3. Will there be a DBZ game for Vita?

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