7 Signs PlayStation Vita Is a Disaster

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User Info: analyticalkeys

4 years ago#31
Anclation posted...
Pretty weird to claim that the 3DS is "also weak" when it has already sold 30 million systems and is so far tracking ahead of the DS, but meh, I guess the author felt he couldn't get away with bashing the Vita if he didn't also take pot shots at the 3DS and handheld consoles in general.

It's weak compared to Nintendo's projected numbers, but yeah.. it's doing pretty good in comparison.
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User Info: gray_fox_00

4 years ago#32
Ghetsis posted...
It was actually an interesting read, and pretty spot-on.

Then I got to the part where they said that the 3DS is weak and isn't selling well.

Then I hit the back button.

Weaker than expected, based on Nintendo's own projections. Very different.
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User Info: ikaruga0101

4 years ago#33
>Start reading the article
>massive price drop
>Stop reading the article

$50 drop for the basic model is standard in the industry. The 3DS price drop was even bigger: it went from $250 to $170($80). Did it fail? No.

As for the 3G version price drop, let's not forget data plan subsides. The money sony may lose on the extra few (very cheap) components is quickly recovered during the plan payment.

User Info: archedsoul

4 years ago#34
lmfao @ the fanboy reaction and how truly hard it is for them to accept reality.

User Info: PiersKun

4 years ago#35
Bunch of misinformation and overall wrong assumptions, as expected of every other article bashing the Vita (it's the cool thing to do these days). The article starts off dumb right away with the "Monster Hunter saved the PSP in Japan", but it was TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE. Was it? The PSP sold A LOT in its last couple years in Japan, and proof of that is how it still refuses to die, getting new games and moving ~15k units per week in Japan (for a dead system, that's quite alright).

Next, he goes on talking about the "massive price cut". Which is silly because as it's been previously said, they had a 5k yen price drop for the Wi-Fi Model (which is what matters, no one buys 3G, probably getting discontinued) after ONE YEAR and 2 MONTHS in the market. The 3DS slashed almost 10k yen off its price tag in less than half a year in the market. So I'm not sure what the heck they're trying to prove here, but it's dumb.

Games are "non-existent". Lists three titles, forgets about stuff like Ys: Memories of Celceta which is also announced for 2013 and an exclusive. Not to mention that those are all great looking titles, but I digress. While it's true we're not getting ALL the good titles released in Japan, four great titles already planned along with other possible localization announcements is far from being "lol no games". More so when you've got the ports to complement -- yes, I know, Portstation Vita etc. But it still adds value to a system. I'm going to pick up myself a Muramasa copy because it's a gorgeous looking title, with improvements, and on the Vita's sexy OLED screen. Anywhere.

3DS is also weak -- Lol. Yeah, in the west it might be 'underperforming', but does it matter when it moves over 100k units per week in Japan? People need to get a grip and realize it's not going to be as popular as the DS, given the times we're going through. System is selling really well for what it is.

The partnership bit... yeah, I guess I can see where he's coming from, and that's actually one of the bits in the article where he accidentally got something right.

And now here's the clincher, lol. "Sony First-Party Titles are Weak". And then he goes on talking about they're genres like platforming and hack'n'slash games, which aren't popular. But let's take a second here and look at the, arguably, two most famous first-party titles for the Vita. Gravity Rush. Hmmmmmmmm, that platformer/hack'n'nslash title! Uncharted:Golden Abyss. HMMMMMMM. Really awesome platformer, man. Coming up? Killzone Mercenary. Amazing hack'n'slash game there, man.

The guy is unable to be coherent with the stuff he types himself. So much bs in the article it's not even funny, lol. And the cherry on top of the cake, he then goes on about how "God of War" could be the Vita's saviour. But weren't "hack'n'slash" titles a thing of the past? Not loved anymore? lolol.

Seriously. Bad journalism is bad.
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