Your favorite handheld of all time?

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User Info: Holy_Oblivion

4 years ago#1
I'd have to say ds lite. Although my childhood self is screaming gameboy color.
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User Info: KaneBlueriver

4 years ago#2
NeoGeo Pocket Color
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User Info: analyticalkeys

4 years ago#3
Definitely the Vita because my dream has always been to play all my PS1 favorites on-the-go
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User Info: ChemicalBurrito

4 years ago#4
Personal favorite? PSP. It just does everything.
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User Info: jjeerryyonly9

4 years ago#5
ChemicalBurrito posted...
Personal favorite? PSP. It just does everything.

It really does, especially when "customized."
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User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#6
My DS and I have gone through, so much plus I got it as a gift. My vita is my lifestyle, though.

Vita >>>>>>
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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#7
PS Vita

PSP is #2
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User Info: FindmeElseweyr

4 years ago#8
PSP, followed by the GBA..Only just barely though.
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User Info: Jopez86

4 years ago#9
Vita for sure, second up is psp.

User Info: Lord_Vishana

4 years ago#10
The DS Lite. Such an amazing library of roleplaying games and backwards compatibility with GBA games makes it even better.
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