Vita price drop in US or I don't care.

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User Info: ShadowAsylum

4 years ago#1
Once we see a price drop, I will get it. I am not paying $250. Why does Japan get a price drop, but not one for here yet?
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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#2
Ok, man
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User Info: kdiz4321

4 years ago#3
NA doesn't matter?
I am not an early adopter. If your system is as awesome as you say it is, it will still be in stores when the games I want are out.

User Info: Slazer

4 years ago#4
Sony doesn't like American gamers. It's pretty obvious
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User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#5
I see no reason why it wouldn't come to the US.
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User Info: Rotuhiiri

4 years ago#6
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User Info: DarthFloaty

4 years ago#7
kdiz4321 posted...
NA doesn't matter?


But yeah, I'll pay $200 for Vita and enough memory (probably 32 GB) eventually. No more. And if I have to wait a few years, then I will.

User Info: 2xkrazy

4 years ago#8

If I were you, I'd rather spend that money on something else. You can get a nice paper weight for $10.

User Info: darkphiresage

4 years ago#9
people are pissing and moaning for a price drop, and not even bothering to look for a deal. the vita has had a "price drop" in the us since black friday. (before that if you knew when and where to look)
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