Media Create Sales week 8

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User Info: mike_411

4 years ago#31
stargazer64 posted...
mike_411 posted...
DrROBschiz posted...
Price drop and 3 games dropping the 28th

Sengan Kagura Versus
and Oboromuramasa

Pretty sure next week is going to have a nice little spike

Since monster monpiece did really well I imagine we will see similar from Senran Kagura. >.>

I don't think those games have that much in common. Other than being very Japanese.

Well having sex appeal as the main draw is a rather big thing they share in common.
Hardcore Naoto fan.
"I'd rather kill that monkey than have sex with that dog." -Paul Ryckert

User Info: Nickcool1996

4 years ago#32
Is that a " Toaru..." music game up there? o-o

User Info: fourgigman

4 years ago#33
I think the Wii U is Tank Tank Tanking...
PSN: bulletproofvita
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