I need one game and one game only

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User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#11
stargazer64 posted...
How about Dynasty Warriors NEXT?

Not so sure about this one. Never really played a Dynasty Warriors game.

cheezedadada posted...
XWolfO posted...
cheezedadada posted...
Any extra information you can provide? likes/dislikes when it comes to genres? Stuff like that...

Well, I don't really like WW2 shooters or other games set around that time, games like GTA and simulations. Anything else's good. RPGs are my favorite, but I think P4G will be enough for now. I think I would rather get something else now and get some RPGs later.

Ahh ok cool thanks...yeah you really cant go wrong with:

What I listed already:

Virtues last reward
Disgaea 3

Other good ones:

sly cooper
Sigma 1/2
Gravity Rush

IF I had to choose just one game only...I would say either go Uncharted for the action/adventure setup. Its a very nice looking game and I actually liked it better than 1 and 3 on the PS3. If not that, Go VLR because the game/story is so unique and original and interesting that its hard to put down.

Well, I sort of already got Sly when I got it for PS3, but I'll keep the others in mind. If I don't end up getting one of them now, I'll be sure to get them the next time I get the chance. Thank you very much for your help.
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