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User Info: Nnamz

4 years ago#31
Caliaztec posted...
Nnamz posted...
I got mine yesterday night :)

Did you get one on 2/20 as well? I got one 2/20, and keep checking to see if ill get another. Did anyone get both from today and 2/20.

Nope didn't get the 2/20 one. I got the email for it, but I checked my messages and it never came. So Sony just emailed me the code.
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User Info: manobon

4 years ago#32
I know the Code expires (as per the email), but do the Funds somehow expire by March 5th, after they're added?

User Info: jacksl

4 years ago#33
i only have a psvita, no ps3. do i still get one and how?

User Info: Polarbaggi

4 years ago#34
I have a ps vita and I did not receive mine.
3DS sells more then Vita, McDonald's sells more then Subway. I don't want inferior hardware just like I don't want type 2 Diabetes!~BoardUser-Heavysack
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