When I get one, I am def importing.

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User Info: PStrife

4 years ago#1
Since the American region is stuck with gimped games I never asked for, I plan to import the majority of my future Vita games.

Since they actually include the manual experience over in Japan, might as well support a region that does it right and understands value, instead of dealing with the results of SCEA's cheapwad practices with fellow cheapwad American publishers. I never asked for this crap.

Lesson learned, SCEA sucks.

User Info: William_18

4 years ago#2
PSN: Kaminari2
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User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#3
William_18 posted...
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User Info: RyuuHou25

4 years ago#4
Hope you can read japanese then
PSN ID: RyuuHou24
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User Info: rickrolled6

4 years ago#5
TheExiled280 posted...
William_18 posted...
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User Info: Roachmeat

4 years ago#6
RyuuHou25 posted...
Hope you can read japanese then

Or don't plan to try importing an RPGs or 'Dynasty Warriors' games.

Stick to fighters where folks don't say much or you don't have to care about the story.

And stay away from card fighting games too. Makes no sense to build a deck when you can't figure out the unit you're playing is stealing your mana every turn.

Here's a freebie tip: If you want a GUNDAM game, keep a look out for 'GUNDAM Breaker'. It's more mission based. Go defeat the targets, and then take their parts. Simple.

User Info: yankee6903

4 years ago#7
TC, dont forget if you do import games and plan on DLC or playing online you will need a JPN account. Getting the account isnt a pain, but purchasing items are tough since you wont have a JPN credit card (dont take american).
PSN: nightshade6903 GT:nightshade6903
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User Info: CallOfGoaty

4 years ago#8
rickrolled6 posted...
TheExiled280 posted...
William_18 posted...
Can't wait for my Wii UiiWXYZ.
Gotta love that PS2 Graphics.

User Info: FrazTHG

4 years ago#9
Bro Story Cool. Anyways Okay USA
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User Info: neu0066

4 years ago#10
If you don't support the market you live in, then the quality (and quantity) of games will never improve. If a company sees they are doing exceptionally well in one region, then they'll push that region far more aggressively because that's what's making the money.

So support the market you live in, if you can.
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