On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with your purchase of a Vita?

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User Info: Moegitto

4 years ago#121
Not going to lie, haven't turned it on in awhile. Not because it sucks but because I have a HEAVY back load of games to play, and I just picked up Tomb Raider AND God of War comes out next week. Plus I just got Aliens: Colonial Marines from Gamefly, luckily my semester ends on Tuesday so I'll have about a decent week to play these games. I love my Vita though, and not flaming or anything but I haven't turned my Wii U on in about a month and a half. So:

Vita happiness - 7/10
Needs more games, not ports but games that will actually make the Vita worth portable use.

Now the Wii U on the other hand, kinda wishing I traded it in during Gamestops 50% extra credit week...
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User Info: JasonRg1986

4 years ago#122

My favorite game this gen is Persona 4 Golden. Also Virtue's was a great game if you like graphic novels. I cant wait to see what we will be getting in the JRPG section.

User Info: Sailor Goon

Sailor Goon
4 years ago#123
Sorry, I had to laugh at this quote:

2. Uncomfortable to hold. How do you usually hold a handheld device? With your thumbs at the front controls, index fingers on the shoulder buttons, and the rest of your fingers wrapped around the back of the device to hold it. OOPS, can't do that last thing on the Vita! There's a completely crap rear touch pad back there, and if you're touching it while holding the system, most games take that as some kind of input and start flipping out until you get your fingers off it. So right away the Vita is insanely uncomfortable to hold thanks to the rear touch pad and if a game uses it then it pretty much becomes a requirement that you use a 3rd party grip attachment so you actually have somewhere to hold the damn thing.

Are you molesting the back pad or something? Most games dont even use the rear pad. Your fingers shouldnt even be touching the rear pad with holding it normally.
"The Vita sold six times more than the 3DS so far" - n0matter
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User Info: Compass

4 years ago#124
Sailor Goon posted...
GamerOfThrone posted...
Compass posted...
Sailor Goon posted...
LinkMaster2703 posted...
3/10. A few good games and nice hardware don't save it from having, in general, a horrible library and a complete lack of compelling software coming this year.

and yet your PSN profile shows you own 14 games. Does not compute.

He bought a bunch of games probably overly hyped by the Vita board and was understandably disappointed in most of them.

I'd say it computes fine, but then my calculator doesn't have its mathemagical module installed.

Oh give me a break. He clearly gives the system a poor score due to "few good games" and a "horrible library" and yet he owns 14 games. And did you even look at his profile? If he was disappointed with the games, he wouldnt have so many trophies for them.
Compass, can you please stop posting such moronic stupidity on this board?

And if he only had a couple games? You'd be crying he doesn't have enough experience with the library to make a call about its quality.

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User Info: sausage54

4 years ago#125
10 out of 10 for me.

I can't talk about it enough. Games, Netflix, web browsing, etc. Also how you can just go from app to app with very little wait time.

In my hands most of the day. It has become my go to console and I just can't say enough.

I will be busy playing this for a long time.
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User Info: poopfeasts420

4 years ago#126


4 years ago#127

The technology has great potential.

It will be a solid 10/10 when more good games become available.
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User Info: duffloes

4 years ago#128
10/10. In the 13 months I've owned my Vita I've beaten 15 games, most of them to 100% or platinum trophies. I've played games that have crept up to my top 10 of top 20 (MGS 2, NFS Most Wanted) games of all time. The hardware is impeccable, the instant in and out of games eliminates unnecessary barriers to playing typically found on consoles (boot up). The all digital library allows me to buy and enjoy games anytime I need something new. Playstation Plus perks continue to expand my backlog so there's always something next.
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User Info: Cremdogz

4 years ago#129
10/10. While it is quite the investment, it is so worth it. I truly love my DSi, but this may just be the best handheld system I've ever owned. And soon it will have Final Fantasy X! Now imagine if Final Fantasy XII were to be ported... :D :D :D :D
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User Info: phoenixx70

4 years ago#130
It will be 10/10 when I have Soul sacrifice in my hands.
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