Best overlooked game?

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User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#41
Lord_Vishana posted...
If you want a good dungeon crawler, Silent Hill: Book of Memories is great. ;-)

New DLC will be available for it tomorrow.

I played the demo and really liked it, how is the story?
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User Info: Natureboy99

4 years ago#42
Best indy game on Vita is Sound Shapes, but its not really a secret. I think Hot Shots Golf is underrated too.
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User Info: YattaRX8

4 years ago#43
TheExiled280 posted...
BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend

I got your back!
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User Info: trollhunter2

4 years ago#44
WipeOut 2048
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User Info: GrumpyZaq24

4 years ago#45
steevo_669 posted...
definitely knyyt underground.

So good. One of the best games ever for just pure exploration. I just recently stumbled into a secret disco area.
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User Info: BossBang

4 years ago#46
trollhunter2 posted...
WipeOut 2048

i second this. Wipeout is hard as nails, but damn its a good game.
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User Info: YattaRX8

4 years ago#47
My only beef about WipeOut is I can tell it's running at 30fps in high speed classes or at high action situations in low speed classes. It distracts the hell out of me. I still played the hell out of it, though.
ASRock Z77 Extreme4 || i5 3570k @ 4.4Ghz || 8gb DDR3 1600 || HIS HD 7870

User Info: Muintir

4 years ago#48
Ragnarok Odyssey. I read all the really low reviews and was hesitant to try it but its had me hooked for nearly a week now. Sure it could improve in some areas but its easily a 7.5 game opposed to the 5-6 score alot of places gave it.

User Info: Isilia

4 years ago#49
I'll say BlazBlue as well. Don't normally go into the fighting genre much but this game has so much content for the price. The story mode alone takes considerable time.

Music is pretty awesome if you like metal / rock style as well (Guilty Gear composer).

User Info: letsduthisnow02

4 years ago#50
Persona 4 Golden
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