When is Final Fantasy 10 coming out for Vita?

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User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#1
im growing grey hairs

User Info: analyticalkeys

4 years ago#2
No one knows yet.
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User Info: EonPaladin

4 years ago#3
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User Info: XphoenixedgeX

4 years ago#4
EonPaladin posted...


User Info: ns_85

4 years ago#5
It will definitely be released one day. Please be excited.

User Info: EonPaladin

4 years ago#6
ns_85 posted...
It will definitely be released one day. Please be excited.


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User Info: jmtstan

4 years ago#7
same day as iPhone 8s release date
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User Info: gray_fox_00

4 years ago#8
jmtstan posted...
same day as iPhone 8s release date

So we only have to wait a few months at the rate apple releases new revisions lately?
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User Info: William_18

4 years ago#9
When KH3 comes out.
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User Info: ChikaraX

4 years ago#10
SE: Okay people we are working on Final Fantasy 10. http://kotaku.com/5840027/final-fantasy-x-is-coming-to-playstation-vita-and-ps3-in-hd

*People seem mildly/cautiously amused.. It's not the best of the best but it's something.. HA.. HA.. HAAA! And it's the very last big console Final Fantasy game that still uses the simple classic combat engine people loved for all those year.. And that does not require you to be on a sugar rush*

SE: Okay people we've decided to put Final Fantasy 10 on ice for a sec. because we are working on projects nobody asked for. http://kotaku.com/5923638/expect-more-final-fantasy-xiii-but-dont-expect-final-fantasy-x-hd-any-time-soon

*People are not as amused this time around.. Instead of these other projects couldn't you work on Localizing Bravely Default and Type-0 or finish Versus?!*

SE: Okay people while we've taken on so many unfinished projects we've decided to add another one.. We are working on Kingdom Hearts HD. http://kotaku.com/5944788/kingdom-hearts-is-getting-remixed-in-hd-for-the-ps3

*Nothing against Kingdom Hearts but you are still working on Final Fantasy 10, right?*

SE: Here's some news about Final Fantasy 13.3.


SE: We are able to show you some graphics from the HD version of Final Fantasy 10 but it'll take some time to finish. http://kotaku.com/5984963/check-out-final-fantasy-x-hd-version-for-the-ps-vita

*Please don't tell us that that's all you did up to this point*

SE: Here's Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix (Released March 15th) http://kotaku.com/5990704/kingdom-hearts-needs-more-scrooge-mcduck

*So you've been able to make a HD compilation of 2 Kingdom Heart games yet you're still not finished with just the ONE Final Fantasy remake?!*

Square-Enix is a big company but has already proven they can't work on multiple projects at the same time without it hindering other projects.

In theory, if they decide to actually work on it, this game could be released in October/November (Look at Kingdom Hearts).. But it's Vita and so not important enough.. It wouldn't surprise me if this project got canned and became a PS3/4 only game *sigh*
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