Lots of good things including Capcom/Persona ($29.99 P4G!) sales in store update

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User Info: PlayaMadeTxn05

4 years ago#11
Finally bit on Persona 4...
Check me out!

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#12
Persona 4 on sale?


Also what the hell is nun attack?
Walharts. Low prices. Everyday. On Everything.
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User Info: Lukenatme

4 years ago#13
Since I've had my Vita, this is the third time that they've had this Monster Hunter/Persona sale. I finally got Monster Hunter and am debating Persona 3. I still haven't finished P4 though.

User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#14
From: Nagisa_Shinju | #009
Social Life = Character development that YOU choose. It's quite a refreshing system. instead of a game shoving terrible characters at you, the player gets to decide on who to learn more about and such.

The problem for me was I didn't care about any of the characters or anything you can do outside of the dungeons really. And these days I probably wouldn't even like the RPG parts of it because I've lost interest in turn-based RPGs since then.
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User Info: Muintir

4 years ago#15
are all these playable on the vita? like say I pick up persona 3 or one of the capcom passive collections?

User Info: FSN_Saber

4 years ago#16
Wow US store gets some nice deals. I wanna buy Persona 2 but on UK store it's still 24.99 which is like what, 40$ or something? Screw that... lol. I'm jelly at the moment :(
PSN: Saber114

User Info: RD_21

4 years ago#17
LionHeart823 posted...
P4G is a steal at that price, highly recommend people who still haven't picked it up to buy it now

I want to, but I still haven't finished 3.

User Info: Ghetsis

4 years ago#18
I already have P3P, but I'm very tempted to double-dip for a digital copy so I can play it on my Vita...
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User Info: IdTheDestroyer

4 years ago#19
Just canceled my Amazon order of P4G since it was out of stock and just bought it from PSN. Been wanting to play this for awhile. Been years since I played the original. Also pushed me over what I needed to spend to get that 10 bucks back from PSN.
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User Info: boratgravas

4 years ago#20
anyone know if either or both of the capcom classics psp games work on the vita?
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