Disappointed in DOA5+

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User Info: dj___roll

4 years ago#71
Quote:OoSubaruoO posted...
Just like how there's different dev teams for Dead or Alive 5. The DLC here is just costumes, which is an optional choice if you want them or not. Don't like Tecmo charging you $4.99? Then, don't buy it. Vote with your wallet, complaining about it on GameFAQs will do nothing at all.

Vote with your wallet? LoL, like that has changed anything since DOA5 has been released, Temco knows the consumers don't like it, but they don't care they will nickle and dime away because there is very little their customers can do about it especially if they already bought the game. Sure it's optional the fact that it's there is really annoying to gamers. And you are right it's just costumes, it should not cost that much.

Now if DOA5+ was $15 and they were charing $3 for each costume pack, that would be reasonable. But the game is $40 and it's $12.99 for each costume pack, that is way overpriced especially for a handheld game. Most of DLC content should be free.


Why should it be free? Did you make the game? Do you know the financials behind the decision? Just because you want it to be free doesn't mean it should be.
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