Whats your "Go to" Vita game?

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User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#61
Lord of gaming!!! (probably)

User Info: LyonDRC

4 years ago#62
Persona 4: Golden, and it has nothing to do with that I have no other game, because if I had I would still play P4G all day long. I just beat my first through of the game so I'm doing a second for the platinum ;3
PSN Account: LyonDRC
Nintendo 3DS: 2664 - 3546 - 4823

User Info: a_gon_nee

4 years ago#63
Senran, Wipeout, PSO2
PSN:Kysen100, 3DS LL: 1821-8906-7784

User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#64
Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend. The controls are excellent on the Vita's d-pad, and it just never gets old.
Official Ditto of the Pokemon X/Y board.
Official Neko Shogun of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board.

User Info: green_ninja97

4 years ago#65
I have SFxTK in 90% of the time, but I really only use it if I dont feel like playing on PS3 xD
SFxT: CammyXNina CodyXChun DudleyXAlisa
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User Info: Djwlfpack9

4 years ago#66
MLB The Show (12 and 13)

User Info: GameNext

4 years ago#67
Persona 4 Golden and Disgaea 3.
Currently Playing: Disgaea 3 (PSV), Persona 4 GOLDEN (PSV), LittleBigplanet (PSV), Persona 3 (PSP), Patapon 123 (PSP) and random PSP games
PSN: michael903

User Info: blakbird13

4 years ago#68
Plants vs. Zombies

User Info: Willie_Makeit

4 years ago#69
P4G and Super Stardust Delta.
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