Persona 4 Golden or Soul Sacrifice

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User Info: Nerdstick

4 years ago#41
I'd say Soul Sacrifice, mainly due to being brand new. You can play it on day 1 along with everybody! Also preorder bonuses. You've already waited this long for P4G, waiting longer can't hurt.

(also I like SS more)

User Info: arclouks_x

4 years ago#42
thinkingofwar posted...
arclouks_x posted...
thinkingofwar posted...
Plus, Striptease > Secret Lab

hell no brains > looks.
Unless you mean the dungeons so I still prefer sl due to the track.

Why is there an assumption Rise has no brain? Is she as intelligent as Naoto? Not at all.

But she's a sweet, caring, pretty girl whose trying to find who she wants to be. Why does she need to be your intellectual equal?

Have fun dealing with Naoto's consistent apprehensions. That'll be a blast!

And I did mean the dungeons. Diverging paths were better in the latter, but the fact that we got surprised by two shadows was a lot more plot-relevant.

No problem I could deal with anything with naoto so yeah it should be fun.

Rise is nice but it woul be a pain due to her celebrity life, lots of stalkers and always getting the attention while lots of other fuys want to get inside that.

And well enjoyed the sl cus It was kinda darker and enjoyed more the bosses over rise's one.
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User Info: Yaboy125

4 years ago#43
2ylyt posted...
Persona 4, of course. SS is pretty drab without the multiplayer (story kinda sucks). 80+ hours with P4G on the first run. It's amazing, I tell you.

I never would have believed this if I was OP, so I just wanted to re-iterate, yes, 80+ hours.

My first playthrough, the save file for NG+ had 88 hours on it. Currently over 100 :)

That being said, like others have pointed out, P4G is single player. Not going anywhere. I haven't tried SS yet, but if the majority of the gameplay is online / better online, sooner would be better than later. AFAIK, it releases in America a week from Tuesday, so on 4/30. Then again, that's according to gamefaqs, so it's probably already out.
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