NBA 2K14 coming to Vita?

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User Info: dcamp27

4 years ago#1
What are the chances that this game will be coming to Vita? We need a basketball game.

User Info: mattjackie

4 years ago#2

User Info: GigaVolts

4 years ago#3
I played basketball once.

I lost.
The NEW GigaVolts Seal of Approval.

User Info: cheezedadada

4 years ago#4
I agree TC. Vita definitely needs a basketball game....
"I've been trolling GameFAQs for years, but most of my trolling is just me stating my honest yet horrible opinions"

User Info: smelly_boob

4 years ago#5
ill take a hockey game too.... can't they port the psn ps3 version of nba jam to the vita relatively easily?

User Info: chiballer

4 years ago#6
Yes my player RPG would be badazz on vita
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