Guacamelee or Oddworld Strangers Wrath?

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User Info: XNo_FearX

4 years ago#1
Which is a better value and more fun?
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User Info: kingofall214

4 years ago#2
I have heard good things about guacamelee. I haven't played it myself. Oddworld didn't grab my attention personally. I played it for a little bit but didn't like it. I would check out guacamelee.

User Info: KerneI

4 years ago#3
Stranger's Wrath is a much longer game, but I had so much more fun with Guacamelee.

User Info: TheLibrarian

4 years ago#4
Kind of hard to compare a 2D Metroidvania to a shooter.

BTW, some reviews will complain about the use of the rear touch pad in Stranger's Wrath. They patched in new control options, so you don't have to use it.

User Info: RussiaOne

4 years ago#5
Hmmm, having played both, I'd have to give the advantage to Guacamelee. Juan is simply a much more endearing character than the Stranger. Also, SW never felt totally smooth to me, framerate-wise. Also, I just dig the story and storytelling more in Guac.

However, Stranger has a longer story, an open world (of sorts), full voice acting, and nice graphics. And reading that they patched in a more suitable control scheme for punching and the like is good news (all those buttons on the Vita and they mapped punching to the touch panel?).

Guac- 103
Stranger's Wrath- 90

If this was a basketball game, i mean.

If it was a football game (NFL):

Guac- 28
SW- 16
The only diff'rence 'tween a winner and a loser is a winner plays until he wins -Big K.R.I.T

User Info: Rotuhiiri

4 years ago#6
Both is the only option if you haven't played Stranger already.
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User Info: JeffsonP

4 years ago#7
I vote for Oddworld.

User Info: TheExiled280

4 years ago#8
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User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#9
I disliked Stranger's Wrath. I never complained about games being brown or grey until playing it.

I loved Guacamelee, I would suggest you get that instead.
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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#10
Guaca hands down.
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