vita mostly play ps1 classics?

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User Info: loseswithluigi

4 years ago#31
Mostly PSP games. I play PS1 classics on PS3.

User Info: Liv_Caylian2

4 years ago#32
I have more vita games to play than I have time to... I'll play ps1 classics once Legend of Dragoon makes it to the vita

User Info: moogle69

4 years ago#33
i don't think this system is anything without the PSN, just like the PSP.
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User Info: RalphWiggum33

4 years ago#34
i play a little of everything, but I am playing some PS1 games now.

User Info: MetalZoic

4 years ago#35
I own something like 62 games for this thing, but only 2 are PSOne games.
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