what are your top 3 vita games

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User Info: axelfooley2k5

4 years ago#1
soul sacrifice
rayman ?

i need suggestions .....getting a vita sometime in the next couple weeks
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User Info: XNo_FearX

4 years ago#2
Persona 4 Golden
EDF 2017 Portable
Uncharted Golden Abyss
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User Info: Ihavealotofspac

4 years ago#3
project diva f
shinovi versus
disgaea 3

User Info: alexg1989

4 years ago#4
Gravity Rush
Street Fighter X Tekken

port Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition goddammit!
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User Info: JurassicBond

4 years ago#5
Rayman Origins (To be fair I played the PS3 version, but it's one of my favorite platformers ever)
Gravity Rush

I really haven't played to many Vita games yet, tbh. I've been using it mostly for PSP games.
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User Info: Solid_PW

4 years ago#6
In no particular order,

Metal Gear Solid HD
Persona 4 Golden
Dynasty Warriors Next

Honorable Mention: Uncharted Golden Abyss

That's all the games I have anyways.
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User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#7
1. Persona 4: Golden
2. Soundshapes
3. Need for speed most wanted/ Guacamelee/ Rayman origins
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User Info: Willie_Makeit

4 years ago#8
Persona 4 Golden
Little Big Planet Vita

User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#9
Dynasty Warriors Next
Sound Shapes
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User Info: RussiaOne

4 years ago#10
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Persona 4
Rayman Origins
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