what are your top 3 vita games

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User Info: lnfested_Zombie

4 years ago#31
MGS HD Collection
Persona 4 Golden
REplaying = RE6(360), MGR(360), P4G(PSV), MGSHD(PSV), RE:R(3DS)
NEXT target = RE:R(360), Castlevania: LoS2(360), MH4(3DS), KZ:M(PSV)

User Info: Laevant

4 years ago#32
Since you're after suggestions, I'll just rate my experiences with every game I've played.

Loved: Persona 4, Gravity Rush, Uncharted GA, Atelier Totori, Wipeout, LittleBigPlanet
Liked: Sound Shapes, Virtue's Last Reward, Rayman Origins, DW Next, Mutant Blobs,
Neutral: Chronovolt, Lumines
Didn't like: EDF, Mortal Kombat
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User Info: Latios77

4 years ago#33
P4Golden,SoulSacrifice,Shinovi Versus
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User Info: Greyshm

4 years ago#34
Top 3 (currently) are
1. Legend of heroes: Zero no kiseki Evolution
2. Ys: Foliage ocean in Celceta
3. Djmax / Atelier totori.

User Info: zandm7

4 years ago#35
1. Soul Sacrifice
2. Sound Shapes
3. MHFU (I know it's not a Vita game...)

I have a rather limited collection of Vita games so there's that, lol.
Playing - PSV, PS3, and PC.
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User Info: wstfld

4 years ago#36
Wipeout 2048
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Last Played: Star Craft 2 HOTS (9.5/10)
Now Playing: SOTC HD, StarCraft 2, Wipeout 2048, Mortal Kombat (Vita), God of War Ascension

User Info: jenrais

4 years ago#37
Rayman origins is on vita?


User Info: ThugETH

4 years ago#38
FFXHD (it's my favorite game period)
Soul Sacrifice

Since I got it I'm finding History Legends of War really addictive I play it when I can in the day time then swap it out for Soul Sacrifice on the night.
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User Info: psprulz2007

4 years ago#39
In no specific order

Persona 4
MGS HD collection

Close runners up
Hot shots golf
Marvel VS Capcom 3
Dead or alive 5+
Rayman Origins
PSN(ps3+Vita)+GT= FeelinKorny

User Info: Compass

4 years ago#40
1. Uncharted.
2. Gravity Rush.
3. Persona 4.
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