should I sell my vita ?

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User Info: Old_World_Order

4 years ago#11
So TC be trollin?

User Info: Lord_Vishana

4 years ago#12
Sage JJ posted...
kewldude475 posted...

Yes, you should sell your Vita, fakefire.

fakefire remains one of the most pathetic individuals on this entire website.
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User Info: silgado106

4 years ago#13
Why do people waste their time like this?

There seriously should be a new mental disorder specifically for trolls like this one. Obsessively creating the same post month after month after month. There's definitely something wrong going on here...

User Info: cheezedadada

4 years ago#14
Sage JJ posted...
kewldude475 posted...

Yes, you should sell your Vita, fakefire.

hahaha thats da man, TC.
beep beep boop flop.-ShadowfxdBOT
Dude, **** off and leave me alone before you get banned. I don't have time to be a babysitter.-hornylevel

User Info: giantqtipz

4 years ago#15
Geeze guys im so proud of all pf you. Now we need to act loke this towards all trolls. Pull up past topics and expose.

User Info: fakefire

4 years ago#16

User Info: NovaCast

4 years ago#17
fakefire posted...

I don't think anyone can help you other than a moving car.

User Info: zaiwen

4 years ago#18
More often than not, there's a good chance that once you sell your vita, sooner or later you'll ask yourself why did you even sell for vita in the first place.

Ask yourself, isn't there a vita game that's currently out that interest you or in the foreseeable future? If not then it makes perfect sense to sell it. Otherwise keep it, play your backlog or enjoy your consoles (if you have any) for the time being, do something else in life then someday at some point when there's a game you might really fancy, your vita will be there readily available.
GT & PSN: zaiwen3

User Info: Samholy

4 years ago#19
if you dont use it right now but plan to get a PS4, i would simply take very good care of it, even if it means not using it for a while. Then try how it goes with the PS4 functions. Sony promised a lot of stuff involving it, kinda like the WiiU gamepad, but on a smaller scale.

im really curious to see what it will do. imagine having your RPG maps at you disposal all the time. Like in the next elder scroll game as an example. how much of a bless would this be to have your map with markers and infos all the time without clustering the main game.

Having your inventory/game menu in the next final fantasy straight in your hand, how about that. Or even having tons of stuff to browse while grinding.

im pretty sure it will be very useful, and you will regret it if you sold it. but i could be wrong too.

in case its not what we expected, then your VITA would still be top shape to resell.
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