You are FORCED to give up one console...PICK ONE!

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User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#71
As much as i like my PS3, And i never touched my Wii in ages, I would give up my PS3, Because my Wii is BC and i have Xenoblade
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User Info: Crust20

4 years ago#72
Id be more than happy to give up anything microsoft has to do with consoles.
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User Info: Suppaman234

4 years ago#73
lol my older bro is a dick who hogs the wii so I'd give that up. I can't live without my PC, Vita or PS3.

User Info: Mystery_Cooper

4 years ago#74
Wait, I totally read everything wrong and thought it said pick one you keep and give up the rest. >_>

"Picked" PS3, meant 360. Hard to pick between 360 and Wii, but as terribad as Nintendo console hardware is, I find their exclusives are (generally) more enjoyable, though low in number, so yeah, 360. (Still haven't touched the Wii since Xenoblade though...)

Vita is pretty bad as a handheld, but I'd say give it some time to get more quality games. 3DS was awful at the beginning as well and now it's starting to have more games that make it a worthy successor to the DS.
Brawl was released a year ago and it does everyone Melee does but better. - LunaOrngeCrush5

User Info: Undrey_

4 years ago#75

User Info: OhHeyltsYou

4 years ago#76

Considering that I don't own anything else other than a PS3, Vita and 3DS. I don't have anything for my Vita yet. So that can go.
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User Info: Santaeid

4 years ago#77
Wii cuz mine is broken and had to switch between 3 consoles within one year.
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User Info: Gary Stanton

Gary Stanton
4 years ago#78
A console is only as good as its lineup, so I pick 3DS to lose. Fore every one Metal Gear Solids and Resident Evils, there are six Mary Kate and Ashley types in their library.
"War as a video game; what better way to raise the ultimate soldier?" - Solid Snake

User Info: Holden_Mcgroin

4 years ago#79
That is easy, I would give up my SEGA Genesis, since I own 2 of them, I can give up one.
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User Info: Revoredo

4 years ago#80
Wii. It's been gathering dust since 2011. But I had a lot of fun with it and don't need the money, so I'm not selling it anytime soon. I sold my copy of Smash Bros. Brawl, though, got really disappointed with that one.
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  3. You are FORCED to give up one console...PICK ONE!

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