Given how sony handled the PSP and the Vita, will YOU buy another SONY handheld?

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  3. Given how sony handled the PSP and the Vita, will YOU buy another SONY handheld?

User Info: MusuoJoe

4 years ago#61
I would definitely wait awhile..
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User Info: Oximofo

4 years ago#62
yes because the really great games still tend to be on the psp line and not ds line.
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User Info: Reginleif20

4 years ago#63
VerySolidusSnak posted...

I don't think I would. Probably not at the moment it launches, but I would wait a couple of years. Given SONY even decides to go back in this business. But it's sort of a catch 22 because if you don't buy a console at launch it will be deemed a failure by Sony and the support may falter, but if you do buy at launch you would be bored for a couple of months due to the lack of variety of games you like to play.


I loved the PSP, it was my favorite system. However, I couldn't just play first party games which I liked the most and a handful of 3rd party games like Metal Gear, Crisis Core, etc.

The Vita is great too. Given how it's really too soon to judge, it's hard to have a spot-on prediction. BUT, Sony seems to be doing the mistake again of putting way more focus on their consoles. Like how they announced that all of their first party is working on the ps4. That doesn't mean that there's other teams working on Vita, but why not say that too? Then, there's the tiring argument of the memory card prices, but it's true.

SONY makes great lookng and powerful handhelds, yet they don't really support them as much as they support their consoles. IF they don't want to get their studios to work on Vita games because they don't feel like a portable Infamous or any other of their franchises could sell well on Vita, why make a portable then and give people false hope?

See how quickly they are supporting PS4 and how many studios are CONFIRMED to work on PS4 games? Why can't Vita share that love. I don't see value in selling my Vita since I already took the plunge and there are a handful of retail games that I want to play still, but SONY tends to overshadow their handhelds with their consoles.

In terms of handhelds, I would stick to the next gen Nintendo handheld first since Nintendo knows how to bring back momentum and seem to care about having our money NOW. They know how to equally support handhelds and consoles equally.

But, one thing I learned from both companies is not to buy hardware at launch right away. But the difference is one knows of a comback, the other doesn't.

That depends if the next one has at least a lot of great games in it
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User Info: synthetiksin

4 years ago#64
I would. Day 1 buyer for both PSP and Vita, the next one, I'll probably wait a bit for. To me it all really depends on the games and being able to unlock it's true potential.

User Info: Jon_God

4 years ago#65
Sure, as long as it gets good games.

Just like the PSP and Vita.
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User Info: plo617

4 years ago#66
To be honest, I already made a decision that I would no longer buy systems at launch, period. There were too many problems (this gen) with launch systems. I've very much enjoyed my PS3 after a couple of years without one due to YLOD.

User Info: RikusTwilight

4 years ago#67
I bought one of the very first PSP's, but in reality only a true handful of games ever made it inside my PSP.

Crisis Core, FF Tactics, BBS etc were the system sellers, but outside of that not much.
It's cool that I can play PS1 games on there, but then again I can do that on my PS3 too.

I have yet to get a Vita, as I am again waiting on a true system seller. The Tales games would certainly do that for me, or Type-0, but until those exclusive, must-have (for me) games come out on the system, I wont be getting one.

It'll be the same for the next Sony handheld, if there is one. I highly doubt there will be though, as OP said, Sony don't really know how to support their stuff, and they haemorrhage money with every unit not sold, so it's not good.

On a side note - the above statement is what I base all my console purchases around - exclusive, killer apps and/or great third party games.
It just so happens at the moment that the 3DS has more of those games which I like

User Info: Lightning_fan

4 years ago#68
Sony really did not handle the Vita that bad at-least when compared to the 3DS. Both companies did a decent job.

User Info: Compass

4 years ago#69
TechniMyoko posted...
Compass posted...

And it's a fact the DS and 3DS are capable of things the PSP and Vita aren't. Namely, dual screens and/or 3D.

Do the strengths/weaknesses of any of these systems translate to better games automatically? Obviously not... unless you're a raging fanboy who has never even touched the competition's hardware and have to reassure yourself daily your loyalty to a massive capitalist corporation isn't as patently absurd as you secretly suspect.

-dual screens doesnt do anything 1 bigger one can do. But you have a point on 3d
-your second paragraph is entirely wrong. Vita's massive processing power advantage DOES translate to better games in almost every case.

-When one of them is a touch screen, yes, that is something the PSP could not do.
-Then why is the Vita's library so much weaker than the 3DS's?

User Info: Wing0c

4 years ago#70
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  3. Given how sony handled the PSP and the Vita, will YOU buy another SONY handheld?

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