C/D You literally dusted off your Vita when your copy of SS came

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User Info: MetalZoic

4 years ago#31

I play it nearly everyday. I still have a backlog of about 20 games on it I haven't finished. maybe more.

User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#32
D my 3ds is collecting dust. vita is being played all day.
The only Vita games really worth getting: Gravity Rush & P4G
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User Info: KiddDante

4 years ago#33
toadieman posted...
D. Still collecting dust

So you'd rather spend your time reading about the Vita than actually play it? Perfect logic, as for c/d, it's d for me I use my Vita everyday.

User Info: Shadow-Angel

4 years ago#34
D. Maybe Muramasa will have that power (since I know I like the game thanks to playing the Wii version at my friend's house), but I won't be happy given how it's yet another port.
The power you seek lies within you.

User Info: archedsoul

4 years ago#35

Bought SS, played it a for 4-5 hours and now it's back to collecting dust.

User Info: arclouks_x

4 years ago#36
deny I had been playing persona 4 golden for 70 hours.
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User Info: zandm7

4 years ago#37
D. My Vita was going unused for a little bit (after I finished AC3L) but then I got Wild Arms and Patapon for free and then I got $200 in PSN credit so yeah, that solved that problem lol.
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User Info: Saintdante

4 years ago#38
D I actually use my Vita everyday while I ride public transportation.

User Info: ManjiMidou

4 years ago#39
l literally thought about answering the question then l decided not too...
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User Info: wstfld

4 years ago#40
D. I dusted it off when Guacamelee came out.
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