psn game reccommendations?

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User Info: tigg06

4 years ago#1
So, kinda running low on games just finished persona 4 golden, ninja gaidan sigma plus and about to finish shinobido 2 and was thinking about getting a game or two off psn, kinda wanting a really good rpg, I have rag odessey and quite bored with it, downloaded gravity Rush when it became free on psn plus and just couldnt get into it

what games could/would you recommend RPG wise, as far as the ps1 classics finished most of those with the exception of legend of Dragoon and FF9 which I have them both but just not keeping my attention

think I may just be getting into a gaming funk lol
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User Info: SirFreshness

4 years ago#2
If you like psp games maybe you'll like ys 7 or persona 3. Other than that I guess atelier totori
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