The Vita would sell more if it had more...

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User Info: DalekZero

4 years ago#31
The vita needs more RPG's. I think a lot of people got a vita (myself included), because they expected a large RPG library on par with the psp. A year in, and those of us who don't speak Japanese are out of luck.

That being said, I think a couple good shooter games might do the system some good. Although as long as we're at it, why not a shooter hybrid? Those are the best IMO. Dead space, silent hill, borderlands, all fantastic games that happen to have guns.
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User Info: dacekid

4 years ago#32
Rolen47 posted...
In all honesty I think most people prefer to play shooters on consoles rather than portables.

That's probably because there hasn't been any real good ones. MoH Heroes 1 & 2 on the PSP were fun...until the custom firmware hackers ruined them. But the 16 v 16 was pure mayhem (in a good way). All those unlockable skins you earned from the single player campaign (not DLC). That's the kind of stuff the Vita would benefit from.

Did anyone else here play the Heroes games before the hackers ruined them? What are your thoughts?
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