What are you playing on your vita?

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User Info: FelineCyborg

4 years ago#1
Regularly play:
Little big planet

just bought and play:
guilty gear xx accent core plus
totori adventures of arland

games in backlog that i need to play more of:
persona 4
virtua tennis 4

also a lot of psp and ps one games from time to time.
"I can't enjoy anything unless everybody is, one guy starving some place puts a crimp on my evening" - Woody Allen

User Info: Semi45a

4 years ago#2
probably no one will say soul sacrifice
The only Vita games really worth getting: Gravity Rush & P4G
Being unable to detect sarcasm and lies might be an early way to catch dementia

User Info: LinkMaster2703

4 years ago#3
Nothing. I beat everything I wanted to play months ago, literally haven't touched it since (with the exception of an occasional round of PvZ, but now that I've Platinumed it I probably won't be going back). Still waiting for a great game to come out, but my only hope left is either Tearaway or Killzone and I'm not super optimistic.

User Info: JVillJags

4 years ago#4
MLB 13: The Show
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User Info: arclouks_x

4 years ago#5
PSN:JustArc_ I want to eat Naoto.
Now playing:Persona 4 Arena ,Soul sacrifice,P3P.

User Info: XNo_FearX

4 years ago#6
Persona 4 Golden.
PSN ID: Ctx_Ghost
Playing: Metro Last Light, Persona 4 Golden, Soul Sacrifice and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

User Info: RussiaOne

4 years ago#7
Regular play
NFS Most Wanted= 9/10 Stupid bananas great game
Knytt= 9/10 backtracking with no fast travel makes me seriously pissed, though

The only diff'rence 'tween a winner and a loser is a winner plays until he wins -Big K.R.I.T

User Info: zandm7

4 years ago#8
Soul Sacrifice and Oddworld Stranger's Wrath, mostly. When I burn myself out on either/both I will start playing MHFU and/or Wild Arms again.

Livin' la Vita loca, man!
Playing - PSV, PS3, and PC.
PSN: zandm7, Steam: zandmstudios

User Info: Mewtwo_soul

4 years ago#9
Regularly play:

Disgaea [series] (1-3)
Persona [series:] (2-4)
Resident Evil [series] (1-3)
FF [series] (Everything available on the PSN market for Vita)
Metal Gear Solid HD collection (2-3)

Others I play time to time:
Lunar SSH
Saiyuki Journey West
Parasite Eve [series] (1-2)
Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles (Rondo, and SotN included)
Corpse Party [BC/BoS]
Darkstalkers Chaos Tower
Guilty Gear XX Accent core Plus
Megaman 2
Megaman Maverick Hunter X
Rayman [1-2]

and I'm still waiting for more money for additional purchases/bigger memory cards/etc.

And I'm hoping Gitarooman Lives[ PSP] comes to the US marketplace some day.
Only insecure and ignorant people try to debase someone online based on their username.

User Info: kingbriann

4 years ago#10
only p4g
3ds XL FC : 1461-7483-3739 l Nintendo Network ID: kingbrian
PSN: kinggbrian
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