What are you playing on your vita?

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User Info: mike_411

4 years ago#41
Senran Kagura and Resident Evil 2.
Hardcore Naoto fan.
135 people on Gamefaqs Vita board have purchased SS day one apparently. O.o

User Info: pm_videogame

4 years ago#42
Nothing, and I haven't for a while.
Playing: Fire Emblem Awakening and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Dreamy Theater 2nd.

User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#43
EDF 2017, 247+ hours just isn't enough...
Lord of gaming!!! (probably)

User Info: Nolax

4 years ago#44
I have Persona 4 and already completed that, nothing else out for me at the moment.

User Info: Ticking_Death

4 years ago#45
Nothing, because it has no games.

Persona 4 Golden, but I've already beaten it and I'm in Persona burnout so my Vita is kind of just sitting there most of the time.
Using a bow sure has it's drawbacks... DOIHOIHOIHOI
PSN: CliveEnduro

User Info: Minatokun13

4 years ago#46
The same thing I'm playing on my 3DS. Nothing, because neither has any games for it that I want and haven't already beaten. Frankly I'm disappointed with both systems at the moment.

User Info: MechaNapoleon

4 years ago#47
Soul Sacrifice... and still loving it. What's with the hate...?

And porn.

User Info: blohangel

4 years ago#48
XNo_FearX posted...
Persona 4 Golden.
"We don't play EDF for graphics, we play it for massive carnage we lay upon alien scum" -gamemaster712
PSN: Angel_Garcilazo/3DS FC: 4940-5942-3940

User Info: maxAGI

4 years ago#49
Just been playing Soul Sacrifice, got it 2 days ago. Don't know if I like more then MH3U yet. The online play is a big plus though. Anyone that recently got Soul Sacrifice can add me.
3DS FC: 1993-7587-4659

User Info: pob14

4 years ago#50
Mostly Dragon Fantasy, some Soul Sac., still working on Disgaea 3 and Tactics Ogre.
"Here we go, dood!"
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