Do you own a copy of Soul Sacrifice yet ?

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User Info: schadow

4 years ago#32
Suppaman234 posted...
Monster Hunter clone.

If you've actually played both games, you'll realize they're miles apart.
MageofBlood391 posted...
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User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#33
Got it day one.
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User Info: WhiteSword7

4 years ago#34
Day one, already plat it XD
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User Info: Klon_Redfield

4 years ago#35
Nah, it didn't specially catch my attention, I'd rather buy games I'm excited for >_>.
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User Info: sasukexiin

4 years ago#36
MyEvilTwin7 posted...
"In terms of ideas and general creativity, Japan's game industry is dead!" - Keiji Inafune.

So he went and made a Monster Hunter clone. Is Monster Hunter Japan's CoD? does every company have to make one?

I believe it is their CoD, their Starcraft, they go crazy over monster hunter there. and I welcome more monster hunter, but I want other games too.

User Info: antoinejones

4 years ago#37
danny5329 posted...
what's holding you guys back from buying Soul Sac ?

because all the reviews say "while its not bad at all, its not GREAT and not the killer vita app we were all hoping it would be" thats whats holding me back.. Im waiting for a vita (online) game thats so good 90% of via owners have it and its heavily populated and played online everyday
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User Info: Ajescent

4 years ago#38
Played the demo, did not approve of it.
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