Vita has games coming

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User Info: DunGoofd

4 years ago#31
MrHoot108 posted...
Quite a few of these games are good though.

Tearaway, killzone, maliciou rebirth, muramasa, lone survivor, etc..good stuff, and for the few ports like Lone Survivor or Muramasa, it's a good addition for people who didn't get to play the originals.

Yes, I'm really looking forward to Tearaway, Killzone, and MR, but do you realize people have been waiting 1-2+ years for those 3 alone and they're still not out and MR is just an enhanced port? It would make everyone feel better if we got announcements for the next Tearaway and Killzone type game that probably won't see the day of light till late 2014/2015 at this rate even if they were to be announced today.

User Info: Shadowfxd2

4 years ago#32
Compass posted...
DunGoofd posted...
Don't know what's more depressing. The list or the desperate excitement.

The list. The desperate excitement is cute imo.

why not both?
Xbox dOne: they called it Xbox One, because they took 359 steps backwards!,

User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#33
mangaroo posted...
trancejeremy posted...
It's amusing, you could make a huge list of indie games coming to Ouya, and NeoGaf still hates it.

Indie games on the Vita (and PS4) though, greatest thing ever.

Indies = handheld now.

Doubt many people really care for sidescrolling indies on a PS4.

Dude, did you really just pull out an old monkeyspoon troll list and post it? (it got modded)

I hereby declare you to be demonspoon, the glorious Sony lovechild that we all know has been around here far longer than you will admit.
"gahh i cant post and hurt somebody but im not trying to." - donkeycoot233 unintentionally hurting feelings
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