Vita fans, sell me on the Vita (trolls stay out)

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User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#61
- Its solidly built, has two workable nubs and has tremendous potential.

- P4G, Dynasty Warriors Next, Stranger's Wrath, Sound Shapes. Still haven't made up my mind on Disgaea 3, though.

- Don't count on a price drop.

- Its doubtful that those Tales games are getting localized

stargazer64 posted...
ServantOfErieos posted...
What is shadow doing in this topic, I thought trolls were banned from entering, lol


Hey, I found a troll. Wat I do wif it?

Tag and Release...
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User Info: sentoworf

4 years ago#62
Biochemic posted...
*troll in*
Vita sucks
*troll out*

Just kidding, Vita sucks.

(@_@) Spinda is watching

User Info: man_of_power05

4 years ago#63
depends on the games you want for it.

if you have plenty of ps1 and psp games that work on vita (not all work), vita will defiantly get use. other than those, there are the rare few games that you might enjoy on vita. i have assassin's creed 3 liberation, metal gear solid hd collection, ps all stars, and persona 4 golden. you get the vita versions of some games (mostly first party as i anticipated when cross buy was announced) free when you buy the ps3 versions. you get uncharted golden abyss and wipeout vita with ps plus.

should you wait for a price cut? depends on how much money you have. i would personally wait for any potential sales (like black friday its a long ways away but last black friday amazon had the wi-fi assassin's creed bundle along with 3 months ps plus and ps all stars for pretty low. can't remember the price but it was lower than $250)

memory cards though...lets say i look forward to the day there's a micro sd card adapter for it

User Info: somebody336

4 years ago#64
imo Wait for a price cut,
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User Info: Jon_Marsten

4 years ago#65
It looks good.

I can weigh down paper pretty well, that is all mine seems to do lately. And with ZERO good games on the horizon, I say save your cash TC.

Not trolling, that is my honest opinion.

User Info: sEmesextrEm

4 years ago#66
What do you love about it? duel analogs, BEAUTIFUL O-LED display, responsive touch screen, and it looks pretty sexy too.

What games do recommend for it? persona 4 (although I'm not a huge fan, many people are.), nfs most wanted (wicked arsed racer), Miami Hotline (fun little game), LBP (... what isn't to love?), MGS collection (great value for money, two of the best stealth games in a decade, fantastic hd graphics, thrilling storylines).

With these games you get a bit of everything, stealth, action, racing, creation and role-playing.

Should I wait for a price drop?

Meh, it's up to you. Obviously it can only improve: bug fixes in patches, new games etc.. but i bout it a year ago and i haven't looked back since.

What are the odds of those Tales Of games coming to the US?
I dont have a clue in the slightest.
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User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

4 years ago#67
telocaster posted...
What do you love about it?

What games do recommend for it?

Should I wait for a price drop?

What are the odds of those Tales Of games coming to the US?

What I love about the VITA. Hmmm...

-The fact that it is the Ultimate machine for the FINAL FANTASY fan.
-The fact I can play almost all MGSaga games on it (my favorite series), and my next two all-time favorite games, Dissidia Duodecim [012]: FINAL FANTASY, and FINAL FANTASY Anniversary.
-The ability to play PS1 games on Portable (which as a result means also some of the best 3rd Party SNES/Saturn games), the fact that it can play tons of awesome PSP games, and the ability to stream PS4 games. All these with Custom Controls, awesome scaling options, and looking better than ever.
-RPG Heaven Library.
-The fact that it's Region FREE and can play all 100% of Physical and Retail games from alll Regions, without extra Hardware by buying official releases (I sure hope it was less of a hassle though).
-The awesome Playstation Plus service, discounts, free games, and Cloud Saves.
-VITA games.
-1st Party games (TEARAWAY baby)!!!
-Indie support to the full.
-Ports of some of the best games ever.
-Falcom machine.
-Cross-Save. Cross-Play. Cross-Buy.
-It's cheap. Games are ultra cheap. (not MCs though -_-)
-Two awesome analogue sticks.
-Pause any game. Save states. Applications work while ingame.
-Screen is beautiful.
-Ergonomic, unlike PSP.
-Greatest D-Pad ever.
-Built-in Camera.
-Built-in Mic.
-Remote Play, I can navigate my PS3 (and PS4) from anywhere with an internet access, or locally if someone else uses the TV.
-Tons of japanese developer support.
-I can try and create a game for it, basically for free.
-Content management from PC/PS3 is awesome.
-The dream prospect of being able to play PS2 and PS3 games.

What I don't like:

-No HDD.
-Memory Card prices. Only up to 32 GB, TOO small.
-No UMD Add-On accessory.
-No HDMI to play on TV.
-Cannot activate 3 accounts at same time. Or even 2. I'd love that.
-100 app/game limit. WTF?
-Cannot swap battery, so I can have an extra charged one with me.
-Capture Card for VITA?
-No native FINAL FANTASY yet.
-No DRAGON QUEST support.

As for Tales of Hearts R, Tales of Innocence R, and FINAL FANTASY Type-0, these are the Top 3 most wanted localisations for VITA, there was a survey from SONY, so I really hope SONY steps up and throw money to Square Enix and Namco Bandai.
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