Proteus coming to Vita this autumn (warning: indie)

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User Info: lordcloudx

4 years ago#31
I've tried a lot of different games in my time, (Including a visual novel from a friend of mine that ends with the same premise called Umeda Sky:, but a 3D game that serves no purpose except to literally walk around sounds like all kinds of pointless and boring to me. In any case, I'm pretty open-minded, so can someone please explain where appeal of this kind of game would lie?
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User Info: ORANGE666

4 years ago#32
Mknzyc posted...
Rotuhiiri posted...
Cross_slash101 posted...
Can anyone tell me what it scored from IGN review and what it is about since I can't click the links

8.5. You can make links clickable on GameFAQs somewhere in your profile if you didn't know.

I did not know that! Changed in the URL Display settings in my account settings. Saves me from copy/pasting. Thank you for the info!

You didn't need to copy and paste anyways. You can double click links, right click and click new tab. Which is faster than copy paste. But obviously click able links are better, works on mobile Gfaqs as well
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