Should I buy a Vita?

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User Info: FirePanic

4 years ago#1
I know it's "One of these again" topics, but I really need some honest opinions. I understand that I shouldn't let other people dictate my purchases, and I should purchase the system if the games available are right for me, but what i'm looking for is some questions answered, and some opinions so I get a better idea on where to look. I plan on using a part of my first summer lifeguarding paycheck on a vita, i'm hesitant now because i'd rather save the money and purchase one at a more favorable time if now is not a good one, but without further ado

1) Will my purchases that I made on the PSN on my PS3 transfer over to the Vita? for example I purchased FFVII and VIII will I be able to play them on my PS Vita? My Google searches haven't given me an answer, or i'm just bad at searching.

2) I've been looking at the games on the top 10, and looking into the different categories to see what the system has to offer game wise(not a lot), which games should I look into for a good online community? I like MMOs and I tried Monster Hunter on my DS a few years back when I was 16, didn't like it, but am willing to try again. Are there any multiplayer games that stand out right now?

3) Besides Persona 4 Golden which everyone seems to praise as the holy grail of the PS Vita which other games would you suggest as the creme dela creme of what the PS Vita currently, and in the near future have to offer? I love RPGs and Tactical games like Fire Emblem.

Thanks in advance for reading, and if you have an opinion on whether or not I should buy one.
Firepanic* E/NL/SC

User Info: Silent Sniper IV

Silent Sniper IV
4 years ago#2
I was in the same boat as you. What swayed my opinion was the PS1 classics (You can transfer most from ps3 to vita), and PS+ synergy with PS3. If you have PS+, you basically are getting preloaded with 7ish games and more every month.

I think the vita's library itself is pretty anemic, but there are TONS of psp strat rpgs, the question is have you played the psp's library out yet?

So basically: I don't think vita's library itself is worth mentioning right now, I'm just hoping more's on the way, and using it for a lot of ps1/psp stuff, and playing vita titles as they hit PSN. If not for psn classics, psp backwards compatibility, and PS+, I would have gotten a DS.

No clue on the multiplayer.

edit: might I suggest front mission 3 and tactics ogre for a fellow srpg fan? One of my faves. With PSN classics and psp library, you're going to be set for a long while.
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User Info: mrjhwar

4 years ago#3
1) Depends on the game. Need to look online to see which games are playable on Vita
2) Not much noteworthy MP atm
3) Not much games atm, game MIGHT be incoming in the future.

Suggestion: Look at games available right now. See at least 5? Vita might be worth a purchase. If not, might as well wait until more games come out.

edit: Vita, not PSP
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User Info: MMaestro

4 years ago#4
1. Depends, but general rule of thumb is no
2. No
3. Honestly, nothing.

User Info: ill-thoughts

4 years ago#5
ps vita is dead, only games coming this year are Vanhalla Knights 3 and Killzone Mercenaries....and i think Batman Origins Arkham or something like that. if those dont move you, id wait until next year to buy one....but if you LOVE the 40 or so games they have out, by all means, Enjoy.

User Info: LinkMaster2703

4 years ago#6
Skip it.

User Info: FirePanic

4 years ago#7
Somehow in my gut I expected answers like these, it's such a shame cause I remember when it was codenamed NGP I thought it had so much potential. I'll probably use the money to treat myself to something else haha. Thanks to everyone who responded.

Edit: I just looked at the playstation store to check out some titles, i'm jealous of the people who get to use their parents credit cards, or really have no other way to spend their money then to buy 10 dollar indie games, and ports. God damn sony...
Firepanic* E/NL/SC

User Info: omescythe

4 years ago#8
2. the games i have played so far multiplayer been lacking. some games have "near" function where people playing same game can help in completing a item collection. assassin creed got a risk esk multiplayer where you do these actions and it effects everyone. playstation allstars has good multiplayer. haven't tryd yet but there soul sacrifice, lbp, supposed to have good communitys. there that ragnorock oddessey that i think mmo.

3. as for other recomended games there gravity rush and disgea 3.

there games you just got to look a little.

User Info: Boney00

4 years ago#9
FirePanic posted...
Somehow in my gut I expected answers like these, it's such a shame cause I remember when it was codenamed NGP I thought it had so much potential. I'll probably use the money to treat myself to something else haha. Thanks to everyone who responded.

I think it's a great system to have if you like various genres. I don't think your mentioned wanting a platformer recommendation but LittleBigPlanet is a must have for the system. There's lots of multiplayer in that game. I've yet to try Soul Sacrifice. Lately I've been having fun with various indies like Hotline Miami, Limbo and Plants vs Zombies.
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User Info: PSO_

4 years ago#10
Like others have said, it comes down to having a number of games that appeal to you.
Unfortunately, Vita only has a few AAA exclusives.
Worse, the NA region's selection is meager, but plenty of indie titles are on the way--which I don't care for and contradicts Sony's initial promise of "Console quality on the go".
I wouldn't purchase the Vita unless you've got disposable income--nonetheless, buy as low as you can for the system because the memory card prices will make you regret it.
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