Should I buy a Vita?

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User Info: SalvadorWarhol

4 years ago#11
I just bought one. I'm having a fun time with it. I really enjoy Persona 4 Golden

User Info: LorenzoTheComic

4 years ago#12
LorenzoTheComic posted on Puyo Nexus...
PS Vita? Meh. My worst Amazon purchase ever was that. Took that thing to Gamestop on the day I received it. Was hoping to get at least a few Vita games onto my trophy collection. Could never figure out how to change the PSN account. Even tried vaguely reformatting memory with different 4 GB memory sticks.

Alright, I want to give this thing another shot for my Japanese PSN account. I traded it in because I spent most of my money (at the time) on that. So I've downloaded a free Vita game from the PS3's Japanese Playstation Store. Was wondering how I can link my Japanese PSN account with a US Vita, but I should have understood the PS Vita better before I decided to trade it in.

User Info: GothicWar

4 years ago#13
Ignore Link Master, I think he's a Nintendo troll.
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User Info: GothicWar

4 years ago#14
Vita is an awesome system, and their are number of games coming out that are nice. Dragons Crown is going to be a great game, Y's will also be good, plus Muramasa that just came out is great as well. Persona 4 aside which is also good, their are number of nice games on this system non hardcore gamers pass up since it doesn't have 20 fps games, 10 god of war clones, 3 or 4 sandbox gta like games. This might not have a lot of triple A titles, but a lot of PSP's games weren't all triple A games either which did very well.
PSN AnimeWar

User Info: mangaroo

4 years ago#15
If you only like those sorts of games the most you're better off with 3DS or PSP. Vita only has a handful of Japanese titles, but they are mostly very good. The rest of the titles are excellent, as is the device itself. Lots of recommend threads about.

You don't have to re-buy PS1 or PSP games for the Vita.
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User Info: Skull_pro

4 years ago#17
FirePanic posted...

1) Will my purchases that I made on the PSN on my PS3 transfer over to the Vita? for example I purchased FFVII and VIII will I be able to play them on my PS Vita? My Google searches haven't given me an answer, or i'm just bad at searching.

2) I've been looking at the games on the top 10, and looking into the different categories to see what the system has to offer game wise(not a lot), which games should I look into for a good online community? I like MMOs and I tried Monster Hunter on my DS a few years back when I was 16, didn't like it, but am willing to try again. Are there any multiplayer games that stand out right now?

3) Besides Persona 4 Golden which everyone seems to praise as the holy grail of the PS Vita which other games would you suggest as the creme dela creme of what the PS Vita currently, and in the near future have to offer? I love RPGs and Tactical games like Fire Emblem.

1) Yes: Your Vita will be linked to your PSn account thus every compatible-with-vita games you got for your PS3 will be playable on your Vita. However, this is only limited to PS1 classic (and not all of them) and a handful of PSN exclusive games)

2) TBQH the online community for the Vita is pretty thin, I rarely every find people to fight againts in UMVC3, takes a while to get to someone in Mortal Kombat, Almost only get PS3 players in STxT. Only CoD and sometime Hot Shots golf get a somewhat active community.

3) I haven't watched future games that are going to be released on the Vita, but is you want a good SRPG, you might have fun with Disgaea 3 (unless you 100%'d it on the PS3)
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