ps1 games on vita

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User Info: jkrobs

4 years ago#1
Hi Guys,

I'm thinking to buy a Vita, I have some PS1 game which I purchased from the store with my Metal Gear Solid.

How easy is to play on the vita with the L1 AND L2 buttons missing or bottom triggers. sorry I forgot which ones there are?



User Info: Laevant

4 years ago#2
The Vita only has single L and R shoulder-buttons, but PS1 and PSP titles allow you to customise your control scheme using the Vita's rear touchpad. It isn't exactly the same, and you may personally find it inferior to having four shoulder buttons, but L2 and R2 functions are still usable via the rear touchpad. I'd prefer the actual buttons, myself, but the substitute is functional.
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User Info: Undrey_

4 years ago#3
Not easy IMO, back touchpad.
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User Info: battlfrnt2006

4 years ago#4
MGS you will have to copy over from your PS3 in order to work. But there's a nice selection available in the PS store that you can buy and download direct to Vita.
The L2 and R2 are mapped to the rear touchpad and work pretty decently, but not at well as real triggers, and you can also map the R3 and L3 to the front touchpad.
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User Info: jkrobs

4 years ago#5
Hi Guys,

thanks for clearing that up.. I have 2 be honest the whole button thing is a great deal for me in my decision in buying the vita, I'm not a big fan touch screen, I prefer physical buttons.

I thought the touch pad was just optional, or is this required to play even vita games?

I left a message on the ps3 board, but no answers yet.. I'm looking to sell my ps3 as I don't play on it much, but vita would be better as I enjoy on the go gaming, as don't have as much time to sit at home in front of tv much these days.

User Info: omescythe

4 years ago#6
depends on the game how optional the touch pad is. for the most part its used for mini games or quick time events. you won't be touch the screen all the time. but the user interface its all touch screen. selecting an application like when pick a game, look at trophies, use the internet browser, looking at the psn store. youtube app you get of the psn its all touch screen. you be using the touch screen a lot but the good news is its a big screen and its based on using your figure so no styles required like ds.
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