The game gap is not that large(vita vs 3ds)

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User Info: mangaroo

4 years ago#121
xenos74 posted...
mangaroo posted...
xenos74 posted...
synthetiksin posted...
TalesOfGod posted...
The very moment you try to argue that indie games are real games is when all the validity in your arguement falls to pieces. The PS Vita is dead. Accept it.

ITT: Stupidity

The first part of his statement is not wrong, but neither is the poster he quoted.

Indie games are mostly simplistic in concept/gameplay and ultimately about having fun, but by the time you finish that game...did it really lead you somewhere? Most of the time the answer is no, so it can be argued that they are not "real" games. Still, they are games and a game is a good game if you enjoyed it which is a primary focus of just have fun. The irony comes in when people bash Nintendo games for lack of story (etc) then praise indie games, but let someone else argue that one.

Either way, indies are not for me. Not yet anyways. I don't consider them real games yet but many do and perhaps soon those games will change my opinion.


I think you are failing to separate a large fondness for story-based games with a lot of character ties - from gaming in general. Games are just that. Something you play. They have artwork, soundtrack and something that responds to buttons.

What do you take away from rhythm games that you couldn't from Guacamelee?


Its quite simple really. You like your games and dislike others. I like my games and dislike others.
Who's wrong and who's right?

But you said indies "don't lead you anywhere" so they aren't real games which I don't really get since I don't see them as a genre in themselves.

Where does touch my katamari, super monkey ball and guitar hero lead you that Guacamelee and Terraria don't?

I don't quite see the difference you mentioned. Is it when an indie is less story focused? Or is it that you aren't as immersed because production values (or the impression of production value) is lower?

User Info: psvitantifail

4 years ago#122
Binba442 posted...
The gap between Sales however, 2 Million, vs 30 Million, is very large.

It s not 2 million it s 5 million...
Oh no Charlie!!---

User Info: stalemate_666

4 years ago#123
elluink posted...
Eclypse9810 posted...
Whenever someone posts Vita game lists, all they list is downports of PS3 titles, while the 3DS games can only be played on the 3DS. People aren't going to be paying $250 plus the enormous memory card prices just to play games they could just buy for their PS3 instead, with better graphics, more comfortable controller, and a much larger screen. For most of the 3DS games listed, I can't just buy them on the Wii/WiiU, I have to buy a 3DS to play them.

There are plenty of Vita exclusives if you know how to read. Ofc 3ds has more but don't act like Vita only has ports.

3DS doesn't even have much more if it even has more, 3DS just has higher profile, more advertised games.
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User Info: xenos74

4 years ago#124
To mangaroo

I've already stated my opinion on it, indies are not for me. I've tried a couple and they just don't do it for me, so I don't consider them real games. That is my opinion and its liable to change, but my opinion isn't wrong, and neither is yours.
In reality, I'm the only one missing out unless I keep trying them until I find those gems within the many releases, but thats where the issue lies, I don't want to put down money several times to find that gem.

Do I gamble when I purchase a vita game for $40 that I don't know much about? Yes, I do. Recently purchased muramasa because from very little gameplay I had seen, I could see it could be a fun game that just happened to have a great art style. It gets repetitive eventually but it was still a fun game and I can expect to get a fairly lengthy game for a $40 purchase. Was it worth $40? To me it was, but maybe not to others

I'm not hating on indie games, and I'm the one missing out on them, we can leave it at that.

User Info: thebatdadd

4 years ago#125
Indie games are great time killers and really addicting, the only problem with a lot of them is that many are rehashed and similar to one another, and in general they are very simple and don't have too much depth, character development, story, customization, impressive graphics, etc. I mean sure, tower defense games, angry birds, and fruit ninja are fun for 15 minutes or so, but come on. Compared to games like God of War, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, GTA, Mario, Zelda, etc they just don't hold a candle as far as being an immersive and compelling experience goes. I just feel like focusing solely on indie games is a step in the wrong direction. They can be cool to play in between the AAA games for some quick pick up and play fun, but I don't think they should be thought of as replacements for AAA games. Hotline Miami is a good example of why I prefer AAA games to indies, I looked at gameplay videos of it and the gameplay mechanics/graphics almost look like some of the games that I would have played on SNES, or some kind of arcade game I would have played a long time ago. I'm sure it's a fun and addictive game, but it's definitely not something I'd want to substitute for something like Metal Gear Solid.

I just feel like indies should stick with devices that aren't exactly dedicated to gaming (iphones/ipod touches/ipads, Android devices, tablets, PCs for everyday tasks) while AAA games should be more focused on consoles dedicated to gaming. I would personally never buy a Vita to play games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja on it, just like I would never buy an Ipad to play God of War or GTA on it . That's my problem with the Vita and its whole focus on indie games at the moment.

User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#126
lol @ sega getting trolled by my alt or is he?
Lord Erieos is coming...

User Info: Sagadego

4 years ago#127
ServantOfErieos posted...
lol @ sega getting trolled by my alt or is he?

I guess you ran here after getting your ass destroyed on the 3ds boards, up for more, chump?
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User Info: zeplin1180

4 years ago#128

you do realize that the way in which you just described how you perceive "Indie" games can be used word for word to also describe the endless amounts of similar/average/cookie-cutter FPS's out there that claim they are "AAA" games. i can go through each and every one of your points and apply them to describe the endless amounts of mediocre FPS's out there on the market.

the same can be said for any other type/size/budget sized game from ANY genre out there on any system, portable or home console.

to reiterate... no matter how small you think Indie games are... no matter how short in time you can complete them... no matter how much money was used to create them... no matter how many people it took to create them... no matter how long or short an Indie games story/plot is... no matter how much an Indie games story/plot emotionally moves or doesn't move you... no matter at what point in time in your life you play them (i.e. in btwn the so-called "AAA" games or otherwise)... ... ... etc. etc. etc. etc. .... i think you get my point.

just to be clear to those who don't get my point... the point is Indie games are video games. i play Indie games to have fun just like i play larger "AAA" type games like Uncharted to have fun. and take note to remember that the 3DS also has "Indie" games. IMO, i hold various eShop games like Pushmo/Crashmo or Mutant Mudds on the same exact level as i do 3DS games like SML3D & the newest Castlevania or RE. the fact that Pushmo/Crashmo & Mutant Mudds are shorter or are not as graphically intense does not change the FACT that they are still video games... ALL of which are video games that i play to plain & simple have fun and enjoy.

User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#129
the vita games look nice the 3ds is hurt and you have to be blind to even try to say they come close in graphics plus he is right go to any store the 3ds section is barely bigger than the vita section and half of the 3ds games are straight up kids games like Barbie 3ds or baby bear dinner .
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User Info: Shadowfxd2

4 years ago#130
psvitantifail posted...
Binba442 posted...
The gap between Sales however, 2 Million, vs 30 Million, is very large.

It s not 2 million it s 5 million...

3 million, where did you get 5 million from? And don't even try to say vgchartz.,
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