Recently sold my Vita to get a new Vita

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User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#21
Lord_Vishana posted...
gambit444 posted...
stargazer64 posted...
Thanks for sharing. I just ate some peanut butter toast.

peanut butter TOAST!?!!? i'm intruiged! Tell me more.

I think it's just toast with peanutbutter on it lol. :-)

It's a little more complicated than that. Italian bread, lightly toasted, buttered, and then coated with Jiff peanut butter. Mmmmm.

And no sparkles whatsoever.
" much wrong with this post it reached critical mass and became a black hole of ignorance from which no educated thought can escape." - GenocideH

User Info: hambaconegg

4 years ago#22
Daramue posted...
Rakuen33 posted...
hambaconegg posted...

Ew. Why would you do that do your handheld?! And with anime? Ew. Trust me. When you turn 16-19 years old, you'll regret it :/

Flamebait? Not sure...

I'm serious. I wanna put Rakusu Kurain on it. Miku is so overused.

And I'm not a teenager. successful troll is successful

User Info: Phil_E_Blunt

4 years ago#23
There is nothing "girly" about the sparkle effect on some Vita & PSP systems. Now if they came with lipstick designs and the words "diva"or "princess" all over it, I would say yes that is a rather feminine looking piece of tech.
"He is a Belmont..I will not suffer that bloodline any longer!"
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