Is Chaos Rings worth it?

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User Info: ClericIdola

4 years ago#1
From what I know its a pretty solid JRPG, but I heard that the PS Mobile/Vita version is a tad bit on the laggy side, as if PSM couldn't handle it. Anyone else with the game for PSM can comment on this?
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User Info: cfountainx

4 years ago#2
it runs the exact same as it runs on iPhone, iPad, etc.

it a game that has a low framerate but it isnt unplayable. fun game with interesting story. well worth 8 bucks in my opinion.
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User Info: cheezedadada

4 years ago#3
I liked it on the iphone, so I say yes. Never played it on the Vita though.
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User Info: zergslayer69

4 years ago#4
Basing it off the iphone version, the story is pretty neat. Only gripe was having to play through the game 4 times with the different couples but it's totally worth getting the overall story by doing so. If you stop after 1 couple you're missing out on the "final" boss.
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User Info: 1Cyrus1

4 years ago#5
It has low framerate (like 20-25fps) and freezes loading for like 2 seconds when battles start and that's it. After a while you get used to it and it's a pretty good JRPG. The story is quite good, but it takes some hours before it gets interesting.
PSN: dm-ml

User Info: thev3rmillion

4 years ago#6
It's awful. I fired up the iPhone version just to make sure it wasn't originally this laggy. The iPhone version runs very smoothly. This one is a hot mess. Spend your money elsewhere.

User Info: gohoanq

4 years ago#7
It's a laggy pile of crap if you ask me.. lol :/ I feel I wasted my money on it :(

"This book has a great story! .. it's just that every 2 pages are stuck together"... doesn't make me want to read that book and I definitely don't want to play a game that runs as badly as this.
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User Info: Sami1000

4 years ago#8
I was interested in this until i heard that you have 4 pairs and each pair playthrough is 4-6hours. So i grind each pair just a while and that's it? So much for the rpg part. I originally thought i can choose from 4 pairs and game would be 30hours long but then i read that its 30 hours long when you 100% the game and beat it with every pair.

Now that it also runs worse than it does with phone i'll pass.

User Info: sasukexiin

4 years ago#9
when he specifically ported it to vita "because he likes it so much" why did he use psmobile when he could have just made it an actual vita version on the vita store?

User Info: thev3rmillion

4 years ago#10
For $8 I would recommend it... If it wasn't laggy trash. I enjoyed it quite a bit when I originally played it on my iPhone. But the way they "ported" it is laughable. If they had done a proper porting I would encourage everyone to get it. The way it is now is a joke.
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