Is Chaos Rings worth it?

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User Info: hambaconegg

4 years ago#11 successful troll is successful

User Info: trancejeremy

4 years ago#12
It's a fairly lackluster JRPG, ported horribly. I would guess the frame rate is closer to 15 fps, not 20-25.

There are still several JRPGs from Atlus on sale, from $2.49 to $7.49. Those are better deals. They might not quite look at good, but they have a better frame rate and are better games.

User Info: Crimson Night

Crimson Night
4 years ago#13
I personally could never get into it, found it a fairly boring dungeon crawler with a mildly interesting story. There are miles better PSP or PS1 RPGS available at comparable prices if you need one on Vita.
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