A few questions to help me decide to get Soul sacrific or not.

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User Info: Nurranurra

4 years ago#1
I've play the demo already. I prefer to play games by myself, will there be any later monsters that need other human players to help? Also are there any AI companion to help me? How many can I have in a party? thanks.

User Info: JerseyVita

4 years ago#2
You can solo the game if you use a homing projectile build, which is pretty much the only worthwhile way to play. You can have up to two AI members helping you out in a party.
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User Info: Rjmhart

4 years ago#3
There are some pretty hard end game battles that you can certainly accomplish solo, but you may end up wanting help. However, even the hardest battles have records of something like 2 and a half minutes by the best Chaos players over on the SS gfaqs boards. You always have the option of going for more a defensive build and the battles will take a long time, but you will not need to go online. I've played about 60 hours and have yet to go online.

The AI in this game is pretty stupid. It's like watching a bunch of squirrels trying to hump a door knob. In all seriousness, I don't bother with partners unless I want to save or sacrifice them, since you get unique drops that way. You can bring up to 2, but mostly they get in the way. Also, bringing partners adds to the enemy's HP, so the partners are more detrimental than anything.
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User Info: 13_Tanks

4 years ago#4
You can play solo with AI and do just fine for the most part. Multiplayer just makes the grinding you will have to do fun.
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User Info: Samholy

4 years ago#5
i soloed it without much problem, just a lot of grinding.
barely touched the multiplayer portion of the game, but im pretty sure it would have helped.
i didnt played the dlc yet, im keeping them for my next playthru.

im my solo build, i used many egg throwing and golem magics. worked quite well most of the time, just gotta aim tight. and they blow monster parts fast.

and the ai, well, they just like the guy said. squirrels humping and screaming they suffer.
usually serve me well for sacrifices to help kiling bosses :-p or just bait.

i loved the game, it has some very unique mood and storytelling, Give it a chance, its not like the vita has too much games to chose.
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User Info: Nurranurra

4 years ago#6
"Give it a chance, its not like the vita has too much games to chose"

LOL why am I finding this funny? I don't know.

User Info: gadgaurd

4 years ago#7
Okay, first off, Neutral and Divine builds(basically Balanced and Tank) are literally equally viable ways to play if you use the proper Sigils and Offerings. Divine and Neutral players have gotten clear times on the hardest Pacts rivaling some of the best Chaos players(though not beating, obviously), while having to worry a lot less about if they take a hit.

As for allies, each AI ally increases the opponent's health by 20%. Most of the AI suck ass. The only good ones have heals, and among them there are a few who stand up. Carnatux has a heal AND an Armor, the werewolf hunter(forgot his name) has a heal and is a decent fighter, Radux and Sympatha have group heals and can put up a fight, and then there's the guy who'll fight alongside you for most of the main story.
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User Info: Bancario51

4 years ago#8
get it for the emo storyline.
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User Info: Nurranurra

4 years ago#9
So I went back to played the demo. I still don't like enough to buy it even with the discount. I'm getting saints row iv so might as well save my money for that. thanks guys.
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