Need a Good RPG for PSP!!

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3 years ago#1
Since this board is so much more alive i'll ask it on here.

So far the only rpg i like and play on it is White Knight and i like it a lot more then
any others i like wrpgs not really a fan of jrpgs but i'll try them.

Any recommendations?
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User Info: BramStark

3 years ago#3
Tactics Ogre: LET US CLING TOGETHER and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
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User Info: Ironneos99

3 years ago#4
Danball Senki W

God Eater


all of them action oriented, because you seems like mindless hack'n slashey stuff like wrpg games
Altaha Abilia


3 years ago#5
Not really mindless hack and slash but more real time combat.

User Info: Poobert_Wilson

3 years ago#6
Gotta play Ys Seven if ya haven't already.

EDIT: Somehow missed the bit you said about JRPGs, but the action is pretty great anyway if you're open to it.

User Info: audioheretic

3 years ago#7
Persona 3 Portable

Never played Growlanser but it might be up your alley from what I've read.
PSN: audioheretic

User Info: masked_yazoo

3 years ago#8
Fate/EXTRA, (currently playing that)
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User Info: Stasis_Sword

3 years ago#9
My recommendations for you:
Ys games
Phantasy Star Portable 2
God Eater Burst
Valkyria Chronicles
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User Info: kingofall214

3 years ago#10
I recommend legend of heroes trails in the sky.
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