PS Vita Pets looks pretty good

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User Info: alexg1989

4 years ago#1
I can't possibly be the only one who see's the good in this title...

I hate pet simulators and don't see how anyone could possibly like them... I have REAL pets... so wtf is the point of a pet sim for me? However, from the way Kevin Oxland described it, it doesn't look to be a traditional pet sim at all.

That’s right; outside of the home where you dress, bath, play with and train your dog is a whole island of adventure to explore and puzzles to solve. Together you’ll be able to explore a massive forest, venture into multiple locations like spooky old mines and graveyards to ultimately make your way to the legendary castle in the centre of the island. We don’t want to spoil anything else right now so we’ll leave further details of the story until one of our next posts on the blog.

so far, its looking like your "Home" in the game will be sort of like a rest area between adventures where you can do misc things before or after you complete an adventure, like changing your dog's gear. At least that's what I'm hoping, but that's what Kevin seems to be hinting at and that sounds pretty good to me. What will really make me buy into it is seeing the actual Island, how big it is, how far the adventure spans, how long the game is, what actions you can do. Basically a platforming game but with pet sim as the selling-point gimmick.

I can't wait to see more of it at Gamescom...
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User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#2
Don't matter, fanboys hype it like crazy while haters bash it till the end of time...
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User Info: Cross_slash101

4 years ago#3
Bioshock, infamous, a new god of war, a new patapon, anything by naughty dog...Who need all this when Sony's best and brightest is working what is sure to be the vita's killer app.
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User Info: Lord_Vishana

4 years ago#4
I'm genuinely interested in it. I'm a huge fan of Nintendogs/cats and I'll probably like this. The inclusion of an adventuring aspect seems nifty. I love that you can dress your pets as well.
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 years ago#5
I don't want them talking. Ugh. I'll stick to Nintendogs. Besides, Vita Pets don't have GSDs or bullys.
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User Info: akshat_316

4 years ago#6
Yeah I like it too. Especially the dungeon part.Could be fun.

User Info: ITP

4 years ago#7
I'm definitely down for it, but I really hope you can mute or disable the doggie voice acting. I don't mind subtitled barks, but the voices are too much for me.
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User Info: Cyber Akuma Zero

Cyber Akuma Zero
4 years ago#8
Personally, I think its ridiculous that they made a game with realistic-looking dogs.. then made them talk.

And even more ridiculous, as well as creepy, that these PUPPIES talk in an ADULT voice.

A lot of people are hating on the game for being a "Nintendogs Clone", while I do think its a clone, I don't hate on it for that, I hate Sony's obsession with adding "features" to everything.

It's why the PS3 had a $600 pricetag on launch.

It's why the PSP sucked for the first 3 or so years because they kept releasing addons to do Skype, GPS, cameras, global translators, star maps (really? STAR MAPS?), etc instead of releasing games for it.

And now, they added "features" to a simulator of real-life animals. It would be fine if something like the eye-pet talked, but seeing realistic looking puppies talk like an adult is just creepy and disturbing. There was no reason for this other than their obsession to add "features" to make their version seem better.
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User Info: mangasus90

4 years ago#9
i would love it more if the pets can talk in chipmunks voice
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User Info: ZoZolad

4 years ago#10
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