How many of you are still Physical Copy purest?

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User Info: redmarth

3 years ago#1
Normally my stance was I'll only get digital copies of psp, ps1,and psn exclusives. (Which includes region digital only such as Atelier Totori, Dokuro, and New Little King's Story. I'll never turn a game down just because of its digital exclusivity.) So far I have remained strong for store sales such as $3.75 for Touch My Katamari and have decided against getting them. But after playing The Walking Dead for vita, I know I'm going to cave in for Season 2 digitally. Even though there might be a physical release.

I remained very strong for a physical only vita collection and now wonder how have you still stayed physical, have a mixed collection, or went completely digital?

User Info: joelang12

3 years ago#2
I am. only buy digital if theres no hardcopy like EDF 2017 or that WRC 3 game. Technically WRC has a hardcopy version, I just wasn't gonna import it
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User Info: BerlingerT

3 years ago#3
I buy digital if it's something I know I'll want to replay. Otherwise, I get physical. Needless to say, most of my games are digital right now.
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User Info: Starwars4J

3 years ago#4
Yo. I only buy digital if that's literally the only option available.
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User Info: Ray101492

3 years ago#5
I buy physical for anything more than 2GB. Memory doesn't grow on trees.
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User Info: Hardley_Smith

3 years ago#6
i'd go digital only if the memory cards were more than 32gb and not insanely overpriced

User Info: MysteryVeil

3 years ago#7
*raises hand*

I've never bought anything, not even DLC add-ons, off PSN.
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User Info: OurLadyPeace

3 years ago#8
Whatever's cheapest.

I currently come across more bargains on boxed games but I expect that to change during the next gen.
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User Info: twerter

3 years ago#9
I try to buy physical, to save on memory primarily, but am not afraid to buy digitally should a PSN sale (like the one this/last week) occur. I bought Ragnarok Odyssey digitally (for $40. ugh) because there were no physical copies around and I didn't have any plastic.
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User Info: Monoculus

3 years ago#10
I generally lean towards digital on platforms where i can buy digital at a reasonable cost. Despite the absurd price of Vita memory I don't own a single physical game; the two I actually paid for I sold for more than I paid, and eventually bought digitally for less than what I sold them for.

I do make exceptions for games with significant amounts of physical bonuses - SMT IV is the only physical 3DS game I have on hand at the moment.
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