What is your favorite Vita game ?

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User Info: Lowtan_Lane

3 years ago#21
Soul Sacrifice
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User Info: wstfld

3 years ago#22
Last Played: Velocity Ultra (8/10)
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User Info: LiquidGaga

3 years ago#23
Project Diva f
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

3 years ago#24
The Pinball Arcade. It's the best pinball game since the Pro Pinball series from way back.
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User Info: Samholy

3 years ago#25
THE favourite is hard to say, but ill give ya my top 5:

- Soul Sacrifice: loved the storytelling, the narrator, the grimness, the mood.

- Gravity Rush: the feeling of freedom is exceptional. looks superb and stylish. Who wouldnt like to fly around like that ? the gameplay is where it got me.

- Guacamelee: Short but gorgeous and FUN. major FUN. its like metroid fused with smash brothers.

- Persona 4 Golden: you can't have a Vita and not having this.

- Hotline miami: oh my. This is quite a masterpiece right there. The music was amazing in my headphones, and the gameplay. oh man!

honorable mentions:

- dynasty warriors next: loved it, but kinda failed on some points. still...dynasty warriors portable !

- DjMax technika Tune: Well. im not a fan of karaoke. not a fan of beat games. but here...korean music just got the best of me. Never heard k-pop before and Djmax looks so crisp and colorful. I also fell for Kara girls... :-o

- Jetpack joyride: hahaha i played it for hours ! great fun, especially on the vita.
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User Info: TheRedDash

3 years ago#26
So much love for this persona game ha. Maybe it's a good idea to buy it but I'm not a giant fan of turned based /one button attack kind of games.
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User Info: Trigger_happy95

3 years ago#27
Persona 4 golden

User Info: tuna-egg

3 years ago#28

It gives me fuzzy-wuzzy warm feeling playing it.

User Info: D E E G S

3 years ago#29
Gravity Rush. It has its fair share of short comings (hopefully all resolved in the sequel) but the game is so unique that it is simply a joy to play.
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User Info: endoflevelboss

3 years ago#30
Hotline Miami & DiveKick.

Really looking forward to Killzone too.
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