Square Enix Japan trademarks Final Fantasy Type-0-2!

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User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#21
JerseyVita posted...
Now guess which game won't get localized! (:


This team is built around localizing games, and Square has pledged to support them.
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User Info: nyannyan91

4 years ago#22
Rurouni720 posted...
GameNext posted...
The people saying that it will be on 3DS: Don't be surprised when you see it on iOS/Android.
We're talking about Square Enix here.

User Info: Solid_PW

4 years ago#23
SonGoku555 posted...
JerseyVita posted...
SonGoku555 posted...
pedrami91 posted...
It'll be for the 3DS.

Just watch.

If it's for 3DS I will get so pissed off. It better be for PSP/Vita or be a Vita exclusive. So sick of 3DS taking all the love right now.

Nintendo actually supports the 3DS, so sales will be better if it Type 0-2 on that system.

Lol. The only reason the cheap hardware of the 3DS sells is because it's cheap as dirt after the price cut and it has established franchises that Nintendo can milk to Kingdom come and expect millions.

eg. Nintendo 3DS not selling well. Nintendo pulls Mario out of there ass. Instant sales boost. All

Nintendo consoles will eventually sell well, it's a fact. People will buy anything Nintendo has to offer.

It's really amazing how they're able to do that.

I mean look at Namco Bandai, two PSP games were ported to the 3DS. Seeing this, I am not surprised if SE decided to port Type-0 onto the 3DS and release the sequel on that system. Especially with SE's lack of support for the Vita.
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