Will the Vita be in the shadows when X/Y release?

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User Info: 7lightsXIII

4 years ago#1
title - Results (183 votes)
60.66% (111 votes)
20.22% (37 votes)
19.13% (35 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Your choice.
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User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#2
One word:

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User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#3
Yes. Sam Fisher-style, waiting patiently to snap necks.
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User Info: Nujevad

4 years ago#4
No. The PSP encountered the same situation when Diamond and Pearl came out and it's still sitting pretty, Same goes for when Black and White came out. A lot of people like pokemon, sure, but it's not the greatest game in the world (the last Pokemon game I've ever played was Diamond and it pretty much turned me off the franchise).
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User Info: ylvis

4 years ago#5
The Vita is, and always been, in the shadows.

User Info: j2zon2591

4 years ago#6
To some extent I guess.

The PSP survived Pokemon bombings. That's one way to look at things.

Then again, the PSV isn't really in the same position as the PSP was.

On another angle, the massive hardware inflation the 3DS is about to get from XY and MH will surely add more dev attraction. Maybe even make prospective VITA devs think twice into making a VITA game only.

User Info: Lowtan_Lane

4 years ago#7
Games on other handhelds have things to do with other handhelds? Geez i never knew.
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User Info: HungoverHero777

4 years ago#8
The Vita isn't doing nearly as well as the PSP when Diamond and Pearl came out, so I don't know why everyone's comparing it to that....
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User Info: Pupu27

4 years ago#9
Pokemon X&Y themselves will outsell Vita, let alone 3DS lol

User Info: ducklucky

4 years ago#10
I don't look to compare the vita to the 3ds as it will never be that big, but it's looking lackluster compared to the psp.
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